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Book: Proofreading Lysanias' Chronicles Book 2.

Game: Working on Element Mining, a match 3 game I made.

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh (carried in briefcase)
Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro (main machine)
2009 MacBook Pro (used for tabletop gaming)
Custom Built 8-core AMD Gaming PC
Mac Mini (Downstairs, used for maps)

Tremorworks, creator of the Paragon Universal Role Playing System has inspired me to create several companion works. These should be considered BETA products. I'll finish them as they finish. If they ever get finished at all. It's not like anyone is testing them but me.

Character Editor:

Last Updated: 11/17/17

Version 2 of how I envisioned keeping track of paragon RPG characters. This works more like other programs, letting you open a character at a time, which is probably all you're working with anyway. But it has many more features, such as a complete spell book and spell record, separate sections for people and places, combat, and even a miniature rules lookup page.

Download Mac Version LiveCode source Download PC Version

Character Database:

Last Updated: 2/7/14 - discontinued

Version 1 of how I envisioned keeping track of paragon RPG characters. It works to keep all your characters in one place and looks like a character sheet to boot. This proved cumbersome and difficult to maintain, plus things like the spell list didn't fit. Maintained here for historical reasons.

Download Mac Version LiveCode source Download PC Version

Power Requirements:

Last Updated: 3/31/14

Keeping track of the different skills and powers in the Demongate High setting can be tough. Especially if you're trying to figure out if you can even learn a skill yet, which may depend on skills that depend on skills! Aarg! So I made a chart to help, and you can download it here.

Download The Chart

Sprite World:

Last Updated: 11/25/11

With a little imagination and the Paragon system, you could quite possibly play any sort of RPG you wanted. Magic? Got it. Supernatural? Yup. Futuristic? No problem. But what about video games? That's where Sprite World comes in. This is a companion volume to Paragon detailing how to created a campaign, characters and settings for an 8-bit video game universe.

Download Rulebook Download Character Sheet