Read about the Trails and Tribulations of the Computer Repair Guy who hates Windows. You'll laugh, you'll cry, because the stories are real and IT'S NOT HAPPENING TO YOU!

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Robert attacks Problem PC!

05 10 09 - 21:25 It's not very effective. Read More

When words are your tools

04 10 09 - 21:43 You must watch carefully their sharpness lest they are flung back at you. Read More

What's this?

02 10 09 - 21:23 On a Friday? Read More

Mostly worthless today

01 10 09 - 21:13 Because people just... arg! Read More

Still that darn VPN!

30 09 09 - 20:14 It hates me, man. Read More


» Let me tell you

about the arcade project.

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» Oh, everyone's taking vacations?

Here's a pile of work. Get to it.

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» Turkey day has come

And gone again.

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» It's the final countdown...

dooo da dooo do

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» Just like that

it's winter.

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» This week in pictures

I think there's going to be a few?

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» New builds, game work

Lots of stuff to write about this week.

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» Some late jobs this week

And for what? I hear myself asking.

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» Shhh do you hear that?

Could have sworn I heard jingling bells.

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» Still mostly nice out

I'm liking it.

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» Making up for lost time.

The only way the universe knows how.

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» Oh sure.

Now we get summer.

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» Finally some nice weather

As other places get torn to bits.

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» Getting darker out there

Darker earlier, I mean.

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» 110 bugs

Just thought I would mention it

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» A wild Joe appears

He's not very effective.

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» Back into the swing

Swing batter batter batter swing!

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» 68 bugs done

Not all that many new ones though

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