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Oh look the sun!

13 04 18 - 01:06

Aaaand it's gone.

Still no new AT&T build, but now apparently it'll be tuesday. So we're not only a week behind, the fix for the clone problem is going to be in the next one, so we're two weeks out from even starting the test on that service. Oops.

So I finished up copy and started another service. Because why not? I wonder if any work was done on chapter 4? No, no, of course not.

Left work, went to see my parents and their smashed up trees. They do have smashed up trees, several of them. Silly trees!

Then did the shopping, went home to feed the kitties and put stuff away, and went to the pizza place. It was so big I couldn't finish it, had some for breakfast, and some for lunch the next day. Sheesh. Good though. Oh yes. I tried Jon's and Sean's, and while Jon's was also excellent, I wasn't as taken with Sean's. So how about that? Mine had bacon, of course.

Then we did the game, or more accurately talked about rules. We got a new spell made, purchased said spell, and I took training in animal form so I can touch things if needed. The wizard teaching me wanted to study me, and so I absorbed a bunch of magic and can now "in character" develop my spell casting ability. When we play again in two months.

Got up and made my two calls from yesterday. Dead HD guy is missing stuff out of his picture folder, and that's sad and all but what do you want me to do about it? Your drive failed the hardware test. I'm surprised it worked as well as it did just getting off what I did. You had the capacity for backups, you just didn't do them. Get rid of stupid "click free" and use file history, the first windows backup actually worth the name. (because they stole time machine from Apple. You're welcome)

The other wanted a google earth file of some land to send to someone so he can sell it to a developer to put solar panels there. Uh, in rochester? We get like three sunny days a year. It's not sunny even as I write this. Bizarre. Couldn't the people that needed the file just do what they needed? They need google earth to open the file, so they can't just type in the address? I don't get it.

That done I checked my fri and sat websites, made some changes to chapter 3 and 4, put them into the larger work, and ate lunch.

Wrote chapter 5, that takes me to about 20,000 words so it's going pretty well. Angels have shown up, Demons have shown up, it's going to be the trial of the century.

Lucifer will be there!

Watched a few videos, ate dinner, and banged out chapter 6. On a role! Roll, I'm on a roll.

Then watched Justice League, which was pretty good. No regrets.

Got up, checked my sites and watched some youtube, then then over to Sean's at 11:00. Played the unicorn game, it was pretty good but there's too many cards. I should have shuffled longer. Ah well. Then we played the queen game again and again won by the skin of our teeth, whatever that means.

Then a quick game of Splendor wait, is that what it's called? The gem one. Sean won that, beating me by one point.

Then I came home.

Started chapter 7 but then a guy from like two weeks ago dropped off his laptop. The HD is dying, as I suspected from his description, at least the hardware test says so. Ugh, win7? I have to get all the drivers myself? Yuck.

Started on that.

Made two calls, so I have a job for tomorrow. You knew it wouldn't last.

Finished up the laptop. The drive performed fine, why do failing drives do that? I don't get it. Had only 20 minutes left, didn't get any more writing done. And Lucifer just showed up, too. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

A busy tomorrow. Which was today.

Not at work I mean, otherwise. Let's dive in.

Went to work, finished up (almost) my next service, scan to google. Couple of things found. Had two meetings, the usual stuff discussed there.

Certainly didn't work on chapter 7 on 8. No, of course not.

Came back here and ate dinner, checked my sites. Got the laptop activated, I hate you MS. Then went out for my 6:00. She had two machines that needed some help. Her printer had a static IP address, but she got a new router so that needed work. Got her two machines working okay at last, and got home about 7:30. Booked the rest of the week to the weekend. Tomorrow is a fan problem apparently, so I'll bring my box of them. Wednesday is just wiping out two hard drives and answering questions. And maybe thursday is dentist guy. Again. Yay.

Looked at the HD from the guy with ancient backups. Didn't find any of the stuff he was looking for, as I suspected. it's gone, dude.

With that done I got ready for tomorrow, and that was pretty much it. It's time for bed. What a great day.

Got the AT&T build today, so went through that. I've gotten the testing for the main and largest thing that works from a day and a half to a half a day. It mostly works now, only one small part doesn't.

So I should be able to get my fixed bugs verified tomorrow, and there should be a lot of them. The group wrote 28 bugs today, even without me. I did write a few though, but not many. In the morning I finished up the last of the scan to google. Timing and home buttons and such. That's where the bugs came from.

Went to see about the fan, which was spinning merrily. It's one of those tiny PCs, so the CPU fan is actually set off to the side. It's a really thick one (that's what she said) so I didn't actually have a replacement. I oiled it and watched it spin for a bit though. I'll order one just in case, as long as it's not too much.

Came back here, checked my sites, ate dinner, made a few calls. I have one for Sunday unless she's there tomorrow. I'm passing close by tomorrow but don't know how long the one I'm going to will take. So I'm taking her number and we'll hope it works out. Because I don't really want to go out there Sunday. It's just her printer (again) and it was working fine when I was there! (She claims it hasn't worked since. Uh huh.)

And one for Saturday, setting up a new machine.

Finished chapter 8, the trail is over. I think Lucifer has a stronger case, so the jury should find her innocent. She gets away with too much stuff. Oh well.

I just beat my old Xerox record! I've been "employed" by them longer then the first time.

What I did do to celebrate?


But work. Had 37 bugs to verify today. 37! Why are they suddenly able to fix bugs so fast? Oh right all of them were not fixed. Well, anyway, I got through them all with little time to spare. Strange that they trickle in usually but now, oh, that's fine there's tons of them.

Might be near 60 tomorrow. And rain, so that's par for the course.

Went out to see HD lady, took them apart and reloaded her printer. Lady on the way home didn't answer, so didn't go there.

Came back here, ate dinner, checked sites. Talked to dentist guy, yay don't have to go over there. But he can't get into his password manager, aww poor baby. Is a text file too mainstream for you? Really, if you can't remember the one password to your password manager that's it, you're done. It's over.

So I called Sunday lady and she said tomorrow was fine. I'm staying late at work, we're going out for lunch Friday so then I won't have to go in early then. Win-win.

Still thinking about Susan's guilt/innocence. I mean the kid only got half the death curse, but she's always getting out of stuff. Ah well, Lucifer can't lose a case, right?

Meeting day, and got through some things. Bug writing, mostly. Some nit-picky stuff but hey, that's what you get. Not you, specifically.

Let's see, created the test cases for the one drive service, as we seem to be stuck with it. Oddly I can't log in using my account in the other lab, nor can anyone else. But I can in "my" lab. So weird! There should be no difference, but clearly there is. I got through most of them. Stayed a bit late, did an AT&T thing now that I had a wireless to get on. Can't connect to the corporate one, Chris tried more things than I did, but all people asked were like "never done it, sorry." Which was super helpful. Or no wait, what's the opposite of that?

Messed with that part of the day, but did get on the lab wireless which was slow, but allowed me to do the test.

Went out to see "oh, my printer isn't working" lady. Know what the problem was? It needed paper. Yeah, that's it. Just that. No other problem. Yay! So glad to drive forty mintues to put paper into a printer that says "insert paper into tray" right there on the screen. It's right there, lady!

Back here I ate dinner, the sites, and spent about 40 minutes getting someone out of tablet mode once I realized that's what they had done to themselves. Really MS, why? Why would I want to turn a giant 30" monitor (they have a seriously big monitor) into a "tablet?" Why would I want that? No really! Why?

And talked a lady though taking her battery out and putting it back in to restart her machine. Yes, even this is a stumper for the layman. A battery removal. Such is my life.

But on the upside, and there is one, Sunday is cleared and no new appointments added. Let's keep it that way. Of course, I have to figure out where the story is going before I can write more story. Whoops!

Let's see, no Sean text so probably nothing this weekend. Regular stuff tomorrow, bank, shopping, seeing my parents. One for Saturday morning and we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

At work we'll finish up scan to oneDrive and start print, making the test cases from sharepoint, of course. Why have one service, and test one thing, when you can instead do twice as much work by having two? It's so obvious! (that someone is insane)

It could be me!

That's it for the day, the week, the month, the year. Wait, got ahead of myself. The month is yet not half over. But it will be soon. As it will soon be in the forties and raining and snowing and nasty. Look forward to it.

See everyone next week!