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Still winter, I guess

06 04 18 - 00:47

It's the season that doesn't end.

Spent the morning working on that stupid printer, trying to get it fixed because I had, in many ways, caused it to be broken. I think the people that make the software should get the majority of the blame, mind you. And walking around there lab, there are a LOT of those types of machines that are flashing with one fault or another. So that should tell you something.

The guy that was supposed to come down to take a look, when asked, emailed me back and said the lady that was closest to it said she changed a value and bricked it? Huh? It's in the middle of a room, and only guys sit anywhere near it. What printer and who did you talk to fella?

Anyway, with one failure under my belt I decided to tackle another. The USB service.
Found I couldn't actually do any jobs. They wouldn't complete, just after writing the file (or printing it) the tablet would just kinda hang up and spin, and spin, and spin.

Went to the other lab, tried a different machine and it was fine. Why did I get to the be lucky one?

So that slowed me down. I finished the service, but only so far as skipping a bunch of the tests that actually required me to scan something. Sigh.

Went to the bank and shopping, then came home. Odd to, didn't feel right.

Ate dinner, checked my sites, called the guy for the DVD drive.
Wrapped Neil's present to bring tomorrow, and got ready for the day.
Then started chapter 19.

Answered book lady's questions, heard a lot of whining and such to go along with it. Really, it hasn't changed at all.

Dropped off the dvd drive, that was fine.

Meanwhile, Sean said that Stan wasn't going to come, so would I want to run my game instead. I agreed, so when I got home (and after lunch) I made sure there were some materials and specifics for their next adventure.

Then I went over there.

We played the Queen game again and ignored 1/3 of the game, winning fairly easily.

Then we had some yummy steaks by Stan, and got into the next adventure. Very pleased they went the way they did. There were two ways they could go, and luckily they chose the longer way so I didn't need to "artificially" put roadblocks up to try and challenge them. They did it all on their own. Kept on track, but didn't get through it. Nearly, they were in the right place and talking to the right person, so it won't take much to finish it up.

Really, you're calling me on Easter Sunday? That's great, just great. But you hung up, so… yeah. Did you really think I was going to answer? It was book lady. *shakes head*

Anyway, got up, checked my sunday websites, worked a bit on chapter 19.

Then went over to see everyone for Easter. Had tons of yummy food, heard a lively discussion about gun laws that changed nothing, and came back here.

Not many calls, but there were some! Yay! Watched Man of Steel, which was better than I expected actually, and got dentist guy back on his stupid brother printer, which wasn't scanning. Again.

That took more than a half hour, then talked to a guy about routers. Nothing for tomorrow!

There was work, of course. Finished up scan to USB, which suddenly worked again for no reason. A few meetings, a little AT&T work, and I started scan to email, which I haven't done in awhile.

Came back here, watched Suicide Squad and made one call, got Firefox reloaded for someone, didn't take long.

Wrote up to the combat with the shadow avatar in chapter 20, we'll have to take tomorrow night to get it set up and write what happens. There's going to be a lot of combatants, it'll take some time.

And it did!

Work was work. Finished up the email service, wrote a few new bugs. The majority are against the new services, but that's about how it should be. We're only like two weeks from a golden master. It's fine.

With a new build coming tomorrow it seemed pointless to do more, but I certainly didn't write chapter 1 of the next part of Lysanias' journey. Saved Susan Bones, who "died" in the susan story years ago. Or did she? Muhaha.

Came back here, as no job. Finished up a movie while I ate, then wrote most of the rest of chapter 20. Leah was hard to take down! As she should have been. I'll write the tiny bit that's left to leave that reality tomorrow sometime. But now I must away to bed.

Two calls, but the second was canceling the first. Huh. Then someone called at 9:15. Sorry, too late chicken marengo. Wait, that's not right.

New tablet build today, and it was the bugpocalypse. 18 total bugs written today. Sheesh, what the heck? I wrote 5 and I wasn't even trying. In the morning I went over the bugs I had to verify, did most of them. Some are still in the future, some are documentation, some were once. Wrote up some bizarre stuff too, like the copy button suddenly has the icon fill the button when you touch it. I mean, seriously, why is anyone even touching that code? It should have been locked two years ago, it was fine. How do you mess up a button?

Anyway, three years in and still writing a ton of bugs. Nicely done.

Did not working on chapter 2 of Return To Hogwarts, after finishing chap 20 of star wars and chapter 1 of Return. Nope, didn't do it.

Lab is getting colder again, *pouts*. You can see (well, I can) into the ripped up section next to the lab. It's torn up! They took everything, down to the last can of WhooHash.

Wait, thinking of something else there. Oh yeah, 60mph winds and nasty white stuff today, that's it. What a lovely summer so far.

Came home, checked sites, watched Wonder Woman. Made two calls, the guy from yesterday who believes his HD is failing, and iMac guy who needs to call spectrum.

Worked on the star wars thing, put it together at least until I can proofread the physical copy. (74,025 words. Not bad!)

Then on to chap 3.

Just spent a wonderful 4 hours rebuilding someone's PCs. So wonderful. Just so freaking wonderful.

Not much to do at work today, I was looking at the copy service again. But found some other stuff right at the end, that I'll get to tomorrow. Didn't get a build of the AT&T for some reason, it never delivered. Ah well.

Certainly did not work on chapter 3 and 4 there, no I did not.

No calls, thank goodness.

Ate dinner, checked my sites, will get ready for tomorrow and probably go to bed. Yay, what a great evening.

Tomorrow I'll go shopping, see my parents, and then go over to Sean's for Pyre. Neil is around, so that should be fun.

Then get caught up Saturday, I guess.

Snowed today. Was very, very nasty on the drive in to work. Supposed to continue as well, so that's something to look forward to.

This guy with the PC bought a copy of office that MS no longer accepts the serial number to. I had to make a new user account to update quicken, running the updater from there instead of the main account. It was awful.

Anyway, hope your evening wasn't awful, and that you have a good weekend. I'll see you all back here for more of this same sorta crap next week!