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And it's the rainy season

30 03 18 - 01:08

And shedding season apparently. There's cat hair everywhere!

It wasn't as random as I thought. What I picked, that is.
Having put the dropbox data into the sheet I looked into a method to color the names of the files so I could have an easier time telling what was taken by someone already. I found it! And implemented. I'm so good.

With that out of the way I just took everything that wasn't nailed down and tested it. Except for alerts. I don't want alerts. You can have alerts.

Oh, and I spotted a Red Dwarf reference in Gold Digger! Knew I would eventually?

With that done (and done, and done as I think I did three things though it might only have been two) I certainly didn't work on the next chapter. Meeting Yoda.

Went to the bank, bought a USB drive as part of Neil's birthday gift, started getting it ready for copying.

One call, didn't reach them.

Got ready for tomorrow, still don't know if I'm going to Sean's or not.

I didn't! I guess Stan was sick, so suck.

What I did do was far less enjoyable. I first went to my 9:00 which was the place of a liar. When asked "does this have a tray that pulls out?" in regards to the CD-Drive his answer was "yes" when it should have been "no." Anyway, there was actually a disk stuck in there, the mechanism didn't seem to know there was a disk so it wouldn't spin it. Plus it wouldn't eject properly. Naturally this was an all in one unit with a huge screen which just made doing anything to it a total pain!

Got the disk out, offered them the $70 internal (blue ray) replacement or the $30 external DVD replacement because they are not shoving blue ray disks into their machine. That's reserved for us filthy rippers who watch on tiny computer monitors… wait.

They opted for the cheaper option.

Came back here, ordered the unit and got Neil's gift put together.

Went back out to 10:30 Dentist guy, who as always had a list two hours long.


Once that was finally over I had a choice to make. But there was no choice. It was about 1:00 and I had a 1:30 to get to right down the street. So I did not eat lunch, I just went there.

This was a man with real issues, not just some fantasy he had created for himself, so it went much quicker. Thank. Crap.

Back home I ate lunch and read more comics. Watched videos, checked my sites, and went to bed.

More of the same! Finally finished all 250 issues of Gold Digger my goodness how does he do it?

Watched videos, checked my sites, then cleaned the house up.

No calls, must have done something nice for somebody!

Some good things happened!

The lab wasn't trying to do an impression of a freezer today.
The day went quickly as I looked into the many strange and varied behaviors of the php service that is in fact there. Sorta.
Took advantage of the overtime with one whole extra hour worked because I had no job.

Got a start on the next service, looking at the payment numbers to make sure things add up. It hasn't been run in awhile that I can tell, and I can see why. It's kinda boring.

Plan is to get that done tomorrow so I can have Wednesday to look at the new AT&T build, then Thursday to look at my bugs. Can't stay late tomorrow I have to take squeaker in at 4:50. And I took one call to hook up some cable boxes because you know plugging in three cables is a challenge for people. But whatever, it's money.

Came back here, checked my sites, made the one call.

Got chapter 16 all done, started to read 17 but then got distracted reading my Susan Supernatural chapters for reasons.

Not as many good things happened.

The lab still wasn't freezing, maybe they "fixed" the "glitch?"

Got though the test cases a bit faster than planned. Most of them need to be tossed, honestly. We used to have different numbers and prices for scanning but now it's just "scan" and it's all one price. So boring.

Wasn't sure what to do with myself the rest of the day. The AT&T stuff never got posted so I couldn't start that. And everything for this version of software is assigned or done. So while I certainly didn't finish chapter 17 if I had, I would be up to 60,000 words for this story. Odd, I thought it was closer to 70,000. Oh well, that's still a bit.

Poked around, wrote up one bug as I recall about text fields.

Brought squeaker in. Apparently the dental treats and water additive isn't doing much. Or maybe it is, and his teeth would be worse? Anyway, because of his heart murmur we can't do much, so he says for now we'll keep watching it. If only he would sit nicely for the teeth cleaning!

Came back here, checked sites, the usual.

Talked to a lady for an hour who somehow unchecked "automatically add filename extension" at some point and so none of her recent documents would open. Silly billy, don't you know how windows works? Oh, you don't? Of course you don't, why would you?

Got ready for tomorrow, should I do writing tonight? Hmm.

Hoping to get the build tomorrow for AT&T and check that out, then Thursday do my bugs for the tablet project. But who knows if that will come about.

My other call was my old neighbor down the street needing a new drive. SSD for him.

Today went pretty fast, but what were you expecting? Plenty to do, even if I did get AT&T late. Got tablet stuff early so I was able to get my bugs done likety split, and even wrote a few new ones.

Then over to AT&T and hey, it's getting a little better? Of course one feature is totally missing on the machine I started with. One of the two, as you know I always do more than one.

However, in the final hour the removal of the remove admin feature caused one machine to work just fine, the other to go bonkers and I spent the rest of the time trying to get it working again. The "expert" is coming tomorrow to look at it. These stupid things, you can't sneeze near them that they stop working, I swear.

Anyway, meeting day tomorrow so we'll see how far I get, but I'm back up to the network troubleshooter having done 2 of the 5 services. The easy ones. Nach.

Went to set up two cable boxes, no problem there, and answered a few questions.

Back here around 6:00 I ate dinner, sites checked, and made phone calls. The guy I just sold a laptop to said the machine said it needed a new battery. Sigh. Found one for less than $12 so that's nothing, just a loss on the whole thing, you know, it happens.

And didn't reach a guy who wants me to put photos on craigslist. Uh, isn't that the easiest thing ever?

Went back to writing. Didn't get that far into chapter 19.

But I did get far testing AT&T stuff today. The whole network troubleshooting feature done on meeting day. Not bad, considering how long it took me the first time. But don't think there were no bugs written. Oh no, I wrote up 6. Some stuff just flat out doesn't work, while there are some pretty odd differences between the two models I tested. Weird.

So that and meetings sped the day by, and I went to go replace a drive for a guy. His was pretty dead, it would recognize that it was plugged in, but not get anywhere after that. It would show the directory structure, but then just basically hang. Too bad.

Anyway, got his SSD installed, which reminds me need to pick up another one of those.

Came back here, did the usual stuff. Helped a guy for a half hour (10 minutes to hit windows and R and type "cmd") to turn his frontier box off and on again. *shakes head*

One appointment made Saturday, book lady is finally using her new PC. That she didn't need to buy. I guess she has questions.

And that was that. Wrote more of chapter 19, got ready for tomorrow.

Back to tablet stuff no doubt, then shopping. No parents, so I'll head home.

Saturday is Sean's I believe, for shadowrun. And more By Order of the Queen I guess, giving it a second try.

Then Sunday is easter, maybe we'll see a little sun?

So that's the weekend. We'll speed into April bringing us a few things. Estimated tax, if I can last until the 12th I'll have beaten my previous Xerox record, and Mizzy's birthday.

But first things first. Finishing up this week.

Let's all be kind to each other out there, we're all in this together. Have a good easter and I'll see you back here next week.