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Welcome spring

23 03 18 - 02:03

At least it's not snowing?

A minor amount of AT&T work done today. I tried the remove admin feature, it worked, and it even went back. Answered bunches of email.

Christina took a look at the feature, as she wasn't busy that day. Turns out it fails test #1, regular old admin can basically delete themselves. Uh, whoops? That shouldn't happen.

I got to verifying bugs, and then started going through the Fax bugs from long, long ago in history. They're still there, shock. So I started moving them over.

Then it was time to go. Did the shopping, saw my parents.

Came back, read comics, the usual. Went to bed.

Left at 9:40 to deliver the laptop, took his old Vista machine out of the way. Moved what little he had to it, and played the password game. For some reason the RR password reset site isn't working, it gave me an error. Great, thanks. Called them.

Made it to my parent's house about 11:45, had lunch, and started in on taxes. Was quite excited until we realized a value had gone missing from a line. Whoops, that made all the numbers after it change. Ah well. Sean texted and wanted to know if I would pick up food, I had said to expect me around 7:30. Well, I did, and got there exactly at 7:30. How about that?

They were finishing up a game, and I got to see Kate's new baby! Didn't really say a word all evening, and I thought I was a quiet guy. Oh, he's only two months old? What's that got to do with anything? Anyway, we then tried By Order of the Queen (I think it's called) which took until 1:00 AM the next morning. Sheesh. We basically just threw ourselves at the end goal and won the game with one turn left to go. Yay us! Directions were horrible.

Got a sailor mercury I didn't have and the game Unstable Unicorns, a card game with rules that fit on a card. So we'll have to play that sometime.

Think they'll go for the "strip" variant?

Did a few things. Put a bunch of comics into the database with the new arm holder I got. It works pretty well, I think it took me less time. I'm missing a few more PSI force than I thought. Wonder if it's worth trying to pick them up?

Watched some videos, checked my sites, looked though my arcade game collection to "test out" the new rug.

Got a bunch of calls, reached only one out of five people. Good old dentist guy, apparently 2 hours wasn't enough because he has more crap to do? Huh?

And then iMac guy called, he's somehow screwed photoshop up and apparently deleting the preferences didn't help? So that's monday and tuesday gone. I was just at both places. Try figuring stuff out for yourself for once, no?

Got ready for tomorrow, can't wait to get back in the FAX.

Hey, you know what the best thing is? Being woken up at 5:00 AM by some moron who believes right then, at that instant, is the best time to call someone and tell them you're a moron who forgot a previous appointment and is canceling. Yeah, it's the best. I mean you could choose to call later, or you could choose to call now. It's all about choice. And then you choose to be an unthinking jerk and wake someone up. Yeah, I'm not mad about it.

So yeah, no dentist guy until Saturday, moron.

And FAX there was. Loads of it. Got through the list of bugs, and found a few more along the way. Naturally there was the short AT&T meeting, and the long tablet group meeting. I hadn't gotten to the actual fax text cases yet, but there they were. With about an hour left I figured I'd get a start on them. What do you know, I finished them. How about that?

Went to the post office. There were two tiny, tiny mistakes on the prepared forms and such, "someone" wrote down my tax payment on the line for the tax penalty, and the zip code on one of the envelopes was wrong. Could have been anybody making those mistakes. But they were caught, and forms were mailed.

Back here I called a lady with a possible dead HD who wanted Thursdays, iMac guy but he was out, and a lady who couldn't get a printer set up. I went out there and goodness to Betsy have I told you lately how much I hate windows? No? Well, let me put that out there for you again.

In its "infinite" wisdom I discovered (after more than an hour) that windows put the wrong driver on one of the many components that made up this printer which caused it to need "troubleshooting." This of course was a waste of time because it "had" a driver so the troubleshooter couldn't do anything. So windows knew there was a problem, but not what? Super. But I did finally figure it out. Thanks HP/MS, whoever is to blame there.

Got back here, made my several phone calls. Whoops, forgot to call someone at the very specific time they mentioned, because I'm not your butler, fool. If I don't reach you, hey, I'm here every night (but saturday) answering calls and if you haven't figured out to call me then on your own, you take what you can get.

Despite this, I have all week booked and Saturday morning with 2, dentist guy and one other. That's the morning given dentist guy's propensity for having craptons to do that I've never heard/seen/thought of anyone in their right mind doing.

So it's going to be a fun rest of the week and into the weekend. Yay, aren't you excited for me?

Checked my sites, read more comics, and went to bed.

Tomorrow: Finish copy, and stuff. Oh, Christina is having a blast doing the disable admin feature, she so borked the device, and apparently keys don't get erased by doing a factory reset? That makes a ton of sense, given the network troubleshooter stayed there when I did mine. I wrote a bug against that. Whoops, it's "a feature." HAHAHAHA. Sigh. So much for "factory" settings. NOPE.

Got in and finished up copy, then went on to scan to dropbox. Wrote a few things up, no meetings today so I got what I needed to get done, done. Started loading the new AT&T build but Sue cautioned there might not be anything fixed yet because of the annoyingly long process to get our bugs to them and then get them fixed. Whoops. We'll see, I'll be looking it over tomorrow. I don't need overtime, I just need people to stay out of my way, a warm lab, and no meetings. I get things done.

Oh yeah, the lab is freezing. Has been all year. Hate it. The one across the way is so much warmer. Even the other side of the lab I'm in is warmer. Hate it. Yes we do.

Went to see iMac guy. He was like "the toolbar! the toolbar!" if you can imagine a guy saying "the plane the plane" you're even older than I am. HA! I pointed to the toolbar and said "it's right there, so obviously that's not what you're talking about. So what are you talking about?"

That's what he was talking about.

People miles away felt my eyes rolling back. At least he admitted to probably going senile, it's the only explanation for not seeing that huge strip of tools on the side of every document you open!

Back here I checked my sites, ate dinner, (and pie) and readied myself for the calls I needed to make. Spent an hour and 15 minutes getting someone's printer to work. Their crappy DSL speed is 1.5MB/sec down and 400kb/sec up. Needless to say that was painful. Finally I had him turn everything off and back on, and that did it. Must have been the crappy frontier router. Yay.

Talked to others, the next one was only a minute's worth of work. So no new appointments yet, thank goodness.

Read more comics, getting almost to 150.

The LCD didn't come so I'll have to stop here tomorrow on my way to replacing it. At least I think I was looking at the wrong model's directions so I don't need to rip the thing apart to change it. I just hope it works, I don't need another in my "box 'o useless LCD panels."


Cracked into the new version of the AT&T stuff today and found…
the old AT&T stuff. What didn't work before still doesn't work, amazing.
But I was able to verify a few things, and that's valuable, right?

Waited for the new tablet software that didn't come, and finished a chapter. Haven't done any writing in so long, forgot how! (Just kidding)

After lunch I went back to tablet land, and figured I would just poke it for a bit. Which of course led to more bug writing. They have pictures of this stuff they're supposed to be using. How can the software look different? The icons and placement is clearly spelled out. It's bizarre.

Ended up with six or so I think? Maybe 5/11 I think.

Came back here, the package was not delivered. Whoops. Ate dinner, checked my sites, and the UPS truck pulled up a little after 5:00. So I went over there, the replacement went just fine! Astonishing. Copied his stuff over, and came back here.

Finished what Gold Digger I had, up to 149. I think the current issue is 250, so I still have a ways to go.

No calls, but a few came in after that. No new appointments, I handled it here.

That's that. Winter wrap up was two days ago, why is it still so cold?

Still pretty busy. In a sort of not busy way.

Poked around a bit, had the long morning meeting. Got assigned print from dropbox, so here we go again.

After lunch I completed that service. I did write up a few things, so it wasn't a waste. Not sure what I'll work on tomorrow, probably just grab something else at random.

Went to see about the dead hard drive. And it was really dead. Sort of clunking and sputtering, then didn't want to spin at all. But I thought, "oh, she has an external! Good, she hasn't lost everything."

Well, not so much. See, here's how it went down. Her machine was made in 2012. Said so right on it. So what she did was buy a HD (for some reason) and moved all the files from her old machine to the HD. Then moved them to the new machine.

And then the drive sat and did nothing for 6 years. Despite being plugged in.
So she had no backup at all.

I mean, really. It's one thing to take a rock and hammer in a nail when you don't have a hammer. But to have a hammer and then ignore it? That's quite a feat.

So I put back her ancient files, and at least she didn't lose everything, right?

Got home about 5:30, it wasn't that far away. Checked my sites, looked for more Gold Digger, and finally scrounged up the last 50 issues. Nice! Putting them into some kind of order now. And making PDFs.

Looking to the future, bank and shopping tomorrow. Getting a USB drive too, for Gold Digger Neil madness. Seeing my parents. No idea what work I'll do, like I said some random service I guess.

Then I have a full day, 3 for Saturday. Yay! No Sean as of yet so no unicorn game? Boo!

Nothing for Sunday. That's about it. One week and we're 1/4 the way through the year. Ready for spring, where is it?