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Oh now work is busy

16 03 18 - 01:09

suuuure that's how it goes.

So, did I get my trays off? HAHAHAHAH Nope! I was lied to. Apparently there's "one tooth" that still needs adjustment, so I have to go through another 12 weeks of this crap. Really? One tooth? Why didn't you give me ALL the trays, then if something happened like, oh, I don't know, a snow storm, I could have been up to tray 11 by now (of 14) rather than 9 (of 14)? Wouldn't that have made more sense? But no, they've trickled them out to me for some reason so with the delays in getting the second set, the time between appointments where I was just wearing the same one for weeks, I could probably have been done by now for real.

But what can you do?

Wrote a few bugs otherwise at work, mostly about the new stuff they added like rotate side 2. Not sure why anyone would want that, but it exists.

Very long wait at the bank, it was snowing like crazy, then I did the shopping which went fine. Over to get cat food and litter, no problems there, saw cute baby ducks and chickens!

Had a very nice dinner with my parents, my father is going to see if he can come up with a use for the tiny laptop, and I came back here.

No calls? Someone must be giving me a break. Checked my sites and started the last series of Rebels, now that it's over. Got a few more ideas for the current story, as Ezra was there on the base Lysanias is now at.

What age am I turning again? In my mail today (email, to be clear)

SilverSingles - are you looking to love again. (making a lot of assumptions)
LifeInsurance.net - Life Insurance for Seniors.
OurTime Dating- Meet local singles over 50

Too soon!

Took it easy today. A bunch of watching Rebels, and it's over. Added a little bit to the previous chapter because of what I learned, but that's probably all I'll do of that story. Lysanias has his own part to play there.

More taking it easy, but I'll probably pay for it later. Reading more of Gold Digger, did some writing, a little cleaning.

Two calls, my favorite dentist guy with who knows what for Wednesday, and hooking up the replacement for the VHS lady tomorrow.

Ugh, nothing to do today. Poked around, wrote one bug because my machine wouldn't do anything and it wouldn't tell me it wouldn't do anything. Odd. Otherwise, a few meetings, and at least I know what I'm doing tomorrow and probably Wednesday. (AT&T)

Did not write most of chapter 16, why would I do a thing like that?

Hooked up the VHS player, oh my goodness it looks so crappy on their huge TV. Oh well.

Back here I ate dinner, checked my sites, more reading. This series is getting better and better. Took one call, iMac guy with who knows what. So I get to go out there tomorrow.

Yay! Told you I would pay for it. The next two days are booked. Huh, one week from tomorrow and Squeaker will be 9 years old. Getting to be an old man! Well, that's when I got him 9 years ago, anyway. Catnip for everybody!

Got though copy today. Wasn't even sure I would start it, given we're getting yet another version tomorrow. But given I'm also getting AT&T tomorrow, I better get on it because there couldn't be that many bugs right?

Well, I wrote 5 of the 6 for today. Whoops, guess there are a few things. Huh.

Loaded the AT&T build about an hour before I left. It's not looking too good. There's a weird error on both machines I loaded it on now, and the only feature that did work before is missing. The php file I was hoping would be there? Wasn't. So I might not have that much to test after all.

Went to see artist guy and we played the passwords game! Yay! I love the passwords game. Wait, no, what's the opposite of that? Anyway, got all his passwords written down, in one place, neatly, and not scrawled in a notebook in ten different places. Oh, and they were 80% wrong too, how do you even… I don't even want to know.

Back here I checked my sites, ate dinner, and made my calls. Ordering an LCD panel despite my promise to myself I would never again change one of those effing things. Oh, and I have to take the whole top off to get to the screws? Marvelous, it'll be so fun!

And booked thursday with a printer not working. Great.

Made a pie for tomorrow! Gonna have so much pie. I hope.
It came out really well.

Then read some more Gold Digger and went to bed.

What a fantastic day. *sarcasm*

Testing, testing, and more testing. And pie, of course. Can't forget the important stuff.

Still not much implemented to test, but what is there is definitely busted. Whoops.
Wrote 7 bugs and there are probably more to write quite honestly, but I need to know if I should. I noted them, anyway.

Coupled with the fact the software is so slow it took me all day, and that's not even half the test cases because some of the features aren't there yet. I mean yes, it'll go faster once I know what I'm looking at, and there are less bugs to write, but keep in mind that's only half the machines I have to test too. I did two at once, figuring at this point all 4 would be too much to keep track of. So I have to do them tomorrow. Will I get through? It's meeting day so maybe not. And I have an additional meeting with the person that does the VBS so that's even less time test.

But there was time for pie! Mine didn't really get sampled all that much, loosers. Haha! More for me at home then, you people just don't know what's good I guess. My crust came out much better than usual, most of the time I have to piece it together but this time it was all once piece for once. Neat.

Went home, had dinner. Then out to dentist guy at 5:00. "Oh, those AOL emails you saved before, yeah, now I want them sorted in date order and can you rename them with the subject..." Uh, no? You're lucky I got them out of AOL at all?
But I looked, and the first thing I found was a python script that would do exactly what he wanted. Huh. So I installed python, figured out how to make it run, fixed a bug in his code (thanks a bunch dude) and did what he asked. Why is he always asking me to do crap I have no idea how to do? Go figure it out yourself, I'm "repair" not "wizard."

Got back at ugh 7:30 and hastily did the driveway. Thought we would get more snow so I figured I better do it.
Finally got to check my sites, no calls thank you very much.

Went to bed.

No more snow, so the driveway was still clear. That was nice.

Started in with the other two products. It's actually only half once these are done, but they say doing only half per release is fine. 8 machines at a time is a bit much. We don't even have one of the models in the lab anyway, so 7 is all they would get in any case.

Had the meeting with the VBS lady, we identified more shortcomings and such in the software. It wasn't long after that we got the message to stop writing bugs because the "software wasn't finished." Wait, what? Let me take you though this:

We get the ok, or at least Mitch believes he gets the okay to start testing.
I start testing.
I find a crapton of bugs and enter them.
"Suddenly" the software isn't "ready for testing" and I'm told to stop doing my job and test.

In my mind, they thought they were done, released crap, and then had an "oh wait" moment and backpedaled to try and get more time to actually do what they were supposed to be doing in the first place. I mean, do we really merge code that isn't ready to be tested? Is that a thing? I don't think that's a thing. Keep in mind this was all supposed to be delivered two weeks ago now, I think? That was the original plan, two weeks sounds right.

Anyway, had lunch, did a quick look through of the other two products just to see if there was anything obvious, and went back to the tablet stuff.

Got that loaded, started verifying my 31 bugs. (Joseph doesn't have 31 bugs total, I remind you) Naturally this verification led to the usual "Two bugs fixed, one bug entered" until my NEXT meeting, where we talked about how to split me apart so I could do the work of two people.
They suggested bringing Christina onto my project, but she rightly reminded everyone that she had her own crap to do, and Chris is going away for a week very soon so she'll have to pick up his stuff while he's gone. Everyone nodded and agreed that was all very reasonable, and no solution was really achieved. Whoops. They did "cut" my work down by saying I could test only 1 machine per release and rotate them, but what they don't understand is that I test 2-4 machines at once, so that doesn't really shorten the time at all. If I was testing one, and then another, and then another yes, that would be borning, and drive me more insane than I already am. That's why I test at least 2 models at once. And yes, that will slow me down but not as much as doing it serial. Clicking in the same place on two windows is far less time consuming that clicking one place, moving on, then clicking that same place the next day. See? So that's not much help.

Also brought up overtime, but there's the tiny flaw that I have to work a second job because of how little I'm paid. Really! Have I brought this up before? Adding up my basic monthly expenses, if I hadn't paid off my mortgage and was still doing so, I wouldn't be able to afford to do on my salary. True story! I would have to have a second job to meet my basic monthly expenses. That's just heat and water and insurance (health/car/house) here people, not buying fabulous shoes every month or going out to eat every day. Crazy! So yeah, maybe pay me what I'm worth so I don't have to do pc repair stuff (i.e. actually hire me?) and we'll talk about overtime.

By then I was late leaving, so I left.

Got the printer on the network and working quite fast, and came back home again. Sunny today, and some of the snow went away! Keep it up Rainbow, Stormy has had enough fun this year I think.

Got the laptop, so I got it updated and installed.

Future stuff: Let's see, tomorrow I'll try to get through my bug list without writing 1/2 as many as that in new bugs.
Then shopping, no bank. Did I not work this week? I only have one check for $70. Odd.
Then over to my parent's house for eating and perhaps present getting.

Saturday probably morning I'll deliver the laptop, I'll call him about it tomorrow.
Then in the afternoon I'll go over and do my taxes. My mother will do my taxes, let's be accurate there. I expect, as I did so little business this year, to have overpaid by quite a bit.

Then maybe Sean's? No Pyre I guess at the last minute, so I'm not sure. Plus what time we get finished is anyone's guess.

Then Sunday anything I didn't do Saturday because of the tax stuff.

That's it. That's the second week of March, and we're halfway through.
Let's get through the second half, together!