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My dreams were dashed

09 03 18 - 00:55

Rainbow Dashed!

Can you guess what didn't happen today? Snow? No, we got lots of that. Far too much.

Bug writing? Nope, I wrote 2/2 bugs i.e. 100% of the bugs for today, go me.

No, what didn't happen is my appointment with the orthodontist. Yay!

Got up at 6:00 to clear the driveway and hopefully get into work an hour early. That didn't go as planned because I had to clear the driveway. We got so much wet, heavy snow that it took me twice as long to do it. I had to do a half a row at a time. So I got to work at 7:30. Neither my two lab mates showed up all day, so I got to listen to music and whatnot.

Anyway, got in, got to work. Good old sharepoint, found two bugs I had missed before. Had a quick 10:30 meeting so I went to the room, there was no-one. Got on the site to see if everyone was home. They were. Must be nice to be a manager and not a contractor. Left right after that to get there on time. Shouldn't have bothered.

The doctor wasn't there despite the roads, at that point (11:00) being basically clear. Sigh.

So I go back to work, finish stuff up.

Went shopping, they were out of salad, but did have tissues again, so we're one for two. I got the stuff for taco soup, have I even made it this year? I don't think so. I mean this season, the year is just starting. Anyway, going to Sean's tomorrow reminded me of it so I got the stuff for it.

Had supper with my parents, came back here, had… this can't be right. 7 calls? Okay, two were the dentist's office, fair enough. Couple of hangups, three real ones. The first two were quick, the third took me 50 minutes but I did get him going again. Whew, so only 2 for the weekend. I guess I can deal.

Checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow.

Got some new hardware to play with.

Mostly reading a comic I found called Gold Digger, but some writing work as well. At 11:00 I went out to set up the laptop. She didn't have much to move, but her complaint about her old one was that the little HDMI port on the side didn't work. That and her screen looked funny. Seems to look perfect to me so far.
And her one before that which she abandoned because she dropped the screen and one side got all broken. She gave them both to me to "recycle" but you know I'm keeping both. They're ultrabooks that flip over and go into a tablet mode, so I'm not sure what I'll actually DO with them yet, but I checked them over. Wish I had so much money that the slightest cosmetic flaw or little thing not working caused me to chuck it and get something completely new. I mean don't they make USB to HDMI adapters? Wouldn't that have been cheaper? Good questions. And she's got money, her backyard is the bay. Lake. Whatever that water is out there, there's a lot of it. Must be nice.

Got back, more reading and stuff, then out to Sean's. It was, uh, shadowrun. I didn't contribute much and what I did tried to do I failed miserably at and then nearly killed myself in the process. Yay! Wait what?

Then we watched some stuff and I went home.

Got up fairly late, worked on chapter 13.

Went out at 2:00, set up the router. No problem, didn't take long.

Then back here to do more reading of the Gold Digger comic and finish 13. I do have to proofread it.

Spent an hour on the phone with a lady getting her machine to boot again, which it finally did for a wonder. She's copying her stuff off now and will then run Mbam, we'll see if that improves her situation. Strange behavior, but at least her HD doesn't seem to be busted as I first feared.

Got ready for tomorrow.

Did the alerts test cases today. Actually found two bugs, so that means I wrote 2/3 of the bugs for today. Very short AT&T meeting, and of course our hour tablet meeting. Certainly did not write chapter 14, or most of it, so put that right out of your mind.

Just like I'm out of mine.

Not sure what I'll tackle tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be just as exciting. Oh, called the orthodontist place, have the same time (or nearly) this Friday. Yay.

Did not need to go out because while the lady's machine from yesterday now takes ten minutes to boot, she said she would see how it went the next few days. Okay sure.

So I came back home. Checked my sites, read comics, ate dinner, finished chapter 14, got ready for tomorrow and played some FF8. Whew!

Made a call, another busted inkjet printer, please do not buy another one thank you very much.

And tomorrow's job is apparently a dropped laptop that isn't seeing the HD anymore. Dead HD or dead machine? Only future me knows for sure. Keep reading though, for the answer.

I found the answer.

But first, work! If it can be called that. With no real plan in mind I still managed to write 3 of the 8 bugs for today. One doesn't count because it's just a weird file that came in from staples. And one was a clone of another bug! So it really 3/6 or one half. So there.

Proofread but didn't do any writing, not sure what I want the very next thing to be.
Have to thinkies with my thinker thing.

Drove the half hour and yes, it was the drive. So sorry. That's what having a mechanical drive will do when you drop it. I think the "fusion" part of the fusion drive got out of whack? Hard to say.

In any case, I "fortunately" brought an SSD so I loaded them up with that.

Back here at 6:30 I ate dinner and made my one call. Oh boy, another half hour trip. Something about her router no doubt, but she says she can't send email on an iPad? What am I supposed to do about that? Have to figure out something I guess.

Read more comics, got ready for tomorrow, paid bills that came in.

Semi-Annual exam for squeak? Didn't I just do those?

Just another day, I fear. More poking at the services, no real plan in mind. Wrote 3 bugs? 4 bugs? Some number of bugs that were written. Did not get software, or at least it wasn't posted so I could install it. We did get new AT&T stuff so I loaded that right at the end of the day to see what it was about tomorrow morning. Going to be fairly busy tomorrow. The two usual meetings and one intro to sharepoint. I don't know if it'll help me test the service any better or understand what the heck it is any better, but lunch is provided so………

Did not write part of chapter 15, no, that would have been wrong. Need to start a combat, hard to do that at work.

Drove over to see the "iPad" lady. Uh, no, it's an android device with a keyboard. It looks nothing like an iPad. Anyway, she had two routers as usual, and cables unplugged, and perhaps an incorrect password? I don't know, but I got it all straightened out. She can send email again, etc.

Back here at 6:30 I had yummy soup, and made several phone calls. Netscape guy is having problems with his email again, I suggested he call netscape as I have no idea why it keeps cutting out. Maybe because it's netscape/AOL? He's paying them $7 a month to keep this email address, rather than, you know, keeping it for say two months and updating everyone that uses it? Wait, did he tell me he has 40 credit cards? That can't be right, can it? How can you… even… that just… *shakes head*

Ordered a laptop for one guy, he has a vista machine and wants to use turbo tax which requires win7.

And made one appointment for tomorrow to set up a router I guess. They said Spectrum was out but didn't do it right or something? I don't know, it's so hard to tell with people what they're talking about.

Got ready for tomorrow, read a comic or two, and it's bed time.

Seems worth it.

Pretty busy today, as expected. The thing that worked before… continued to work!

The stuff that should have worked?

Didn't work!

Well, one half worked, does that count? Anyway, got though looking at that stuff and went to the first meeting. Got pulled out by Christina having some CWW questions and the lab server is pretty old, they need to update that guy. So I let her use mine.

Went back to the meeting, it was still going on.

Had a little while, wrote up two bugs I found in the software and went to the sharepoint meeting. It was fairly high level, just managers and such there, "here's an into to sharepoint." I guess I shouldn't have expected more, but I was hoping for some insights about it to help me test the tablet stuff, now that we support the service. Nope!

But we had some sandwiches, and brownies, and chips, so that was fine.

But I logged into it after the meeting and found they apparently gave a 1TB!!!! one drive to everybody? as part of the Xerox agreement with MS? I mean I just sort of have an account, and I'm just a contractor so everybody must get one. So I was moving a bunch of stuff I usually backup to my flash drive over to that. Neat!

Then went to the other meeting. Then answered a half dozen emails I had gotten while all this was going on.

And then it was time to go.

Drove though the snow to near Sean's old house, got their modem hooked up. I tell you, I don't know why they have that phone system. It never works. I had to call them back, tell them yes it was about that, then they messed with the account to get the internet working but then the lady had to transfer me to someone else to get the phone system working. I finally was able to look up his keyboard that wasn't working, and low and behold, it wasn't bluetooth as he had lied right to my face about. He lost the transmitter somehow. On a desktop machine. Huh? Well, whatever dude, he had another keyboard so that was fine.

Back here I ate dinner, checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow.
I looked at this laptop, got it ready. Going to offer it to my parents, see if they want a thin machine like this and if so, give it to them.

And now we come to the future looking portion of our tour.

No calls, yay! So maybe a light weekend. No Sean, Boo, so that's a bummer. Tomorrow back to the grind I guess, making sure everything is over on my one drive and maybe trying the service with my account rather than the one they gave me to test with? I don't know, it should work.

Shopping, bank, oh yeah, my orthodontist appointment tomorrow! How can I forget that? Going in an hour early, because I love having other things to do in the middle of the day. At least it won't be storming tonight.

Then getting cat food over at the place, litter I suppose too. Then seeing my parents.
Huh, we lose an hour this weekend too, fantastic. Can we get rid of that time jumping business already?

So, a few things to do before I get ready for bed, must dash. Rainbow Dash!

See you all next week.