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It's almost here

02 03 18 - 01:21

The day I have dreamed of for so long.

Bit of actual excitement and even sleuthing today at work, no lie. Started the so called "10x reliability" test and the very first job I somehow crashed the payment app. Sweet. After it crashed again I printed out the error I had never seen before (which was in color even. Yellow and red. How weird is that?) and brought it over to the other guys. They had seen it too!

So I tried to work out how I had seen it. And believe me, it took some doing.

The short story is, the home button is shown, then activated several seconds later. It is shown on the screen for 18 seconds. To crash the app you have to hit it at about the 17.5 seconds mark. Yeah, that's your window of opportunity. Just as it's going away, because too soon and it works just fine. Too late and it's already gone. But just as it's about to vanish? There it is. I took so many movies trying to get the timing right. But I finally managed to capture it.

That's testing. That's what I want to do more of. Not this "do the icons line up" for the millionth time. Again. Ah well, what can you do?

One thing I could not do was working on Chapter 9. Airlock!

Went to the bank, did the shopping and they had very little cat food again, why? No kleenex either, you know how much I depend on that stuff! Just small boxes, that are like twice the price for some reason. Wait, I get less but pay more? Why?

Saw my parents, no deer, but a Gabe! Got $2.00, where should I spend it?

Looking forward to this time next week, no trays?????????????????

Whoops, too many question marks.

Had dinner, yummy cheesy stuff and cornbread, came back here. Artist guy seems to have a hardware issue with his iMac, he says it keep rebooting and not coming up. Take it to apple.

Checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow. Played some FF8.

Work took most of the time today. First one went quickly, somehow she restored her machine, but simultaneously got a bunch of junk on it? Huh? How is that even possible? I knew it had been wiped out because windows left the "helpful" little "here's what we removed" file on the desktop. So considerate. But she had crap like driver finder and whatever so it was still taken over. Bizarre.

Came back, ate lunch, went out again.

This is the job that took the rest of the day. "oh, check my laptop and get my daughter's laptop printing." Simple enough right? But then it became "set up my PC I brought from wherever and the printer upstairs, oh and my daughter's machine is actually full of crap and this machine is really slow because it's piece of junk PC like all piece of junk PCs put an SSD into it."


So I brought it back here and put an SSD into it, then brought it back so I could have tomorrow off. It took me until about 5:30 (the appointment was at 1:00) but I managed it.

Was in a star wars mood so I looked into how much Rebels was available. Way more than I thought! So I started in on that. Don't ask me how I acquired such things.

More Rebels. Enjoying it, found at least one character to add to my story. She's presumed dead, so she can show up and not be dead. HA!

Did some sunday stuff, got ready for tomorrow. Ordered a replacement SSD.

The last week of the trays? *fingers crossed*

Four more days! I can't wait.

Just did more of the reliability test today, nearly finished it.

Very tedious and boring. Running 180 jobs in a row after that one bug had been shaken out is somewhat pointless. We know the software is reliable. It's been in staples stores for two years now. It hasn't changed that much. But no, gotta run that test!

Had two meetings, the usual. Still can't find the AT&T feature, loaded the C405 same as the lady had. Very odd. Certainly did not work on chap 10.

3 calls, booked Tues and Weds. Tomorrow is a short one, plugging in a VHS unit. Ugh.

Almost finished Rebels after I got home, only two episodes left.

And I thought yesterday was boring. Nope, it was today. With the test done I had nothing else to do. We switch back to the other program tomorrow with the new build, so testing this one further was pointless. Joe still hasn't managed to check in the two test cases he's supposed to have done, so I have no idea what he's doing. (Recall that I took some of his because I knew he wouldn't finish them, for a total of 7. And I was still bored to tears today! I could have done both of those services and at least made the time a little quicker. But no)

Certainly did not work on chapter 10 some more, I'm at the word limit I just need to end it properly.

Plugging the VHS in was a bust, it didn't work. Ha! Why would it? Tape, spare me.
Used ones go for $100 or more. Forget new ones, you don't want to know. She has a $900 8k TV, you shouldn't even be watching DVD quality stuff on that. Even BluRay is a stretch.

Came back here, finished Rebels, watched a spoiler for the current season which is ending. Time travel? Really? You've got to be kidding me.

I'm all depressed now, the force just became magic, I guess. Even Susan and I mean EVEN SUSAN was very, very wary around time travel, despite having it herself. Anyway.

Made some calls, checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow. Only two more days left, arg it's agony. Agony I tell you.

May go to two places tonight, some whiner talking about wi-fi, they probably need a new router. It's not far from where I'm going first, so I'll get over there. Love going two places, it's the best.

And speaking of going places, apparently Sean's this weekend? Who? Where? For shadowrun? What's that? And taco soup? I know what that is, actually. Wild.

Finished chapter 10, Leah had a brilliant idea I'm going to have some fun writing. Thanks, Leah!

Lots of fun to be had today, as the day dragged on and on towards Friday.

Put in the new build, not having worked on chapter 11 while I was waiting. No sir.
Then got started verifying my 18 bugs! Yay! That took most of the rest of the day. Did I write more, oh you know me so well out there in web land. So well. I did!

Then more fun as I went just past the house to the guy with the "hung" computer. If he had rebooted it would have been fine, firefox was just hung up. Grr.

After taking care of that I tried to find this "temple" but of course I had written down 2125 instead of 2925 which makes a huge difference. But I finally found it, and they had some stuff going on. They had a switch they didn't need, and the moron who does their computer work plugged in the phone system spectrum equipment into a regular port on the router. What that even did I can't begin to guess. Got all that straight, and lo and behold, it started to work again. Amazing, what happens when you know what ya doing!

Back here at 6:00 I ate dinner, checked my sites, and did my paperwork so I could send in my income tax. Less than $1000 this year, and it was $1300 last year. So that should tell you something. I only did 11 jobs this month. Still seems like too many.

One job tomorrow, the old dial up guy. He's still using netscape mail for some bizarre reason and can't send out. Honestly dude, get gmail or something. Netscape email, I tell you.

The final day!?!?

Maybe not, if the 14 inches of snow come between tonight and tomorrow. Sigh.

Anyway, you're here to read about today. What surprises did it contain? Not that many.

There were a few more bugs I needed to look at, so I did that, no problem.

Then went to the usual Thursday 15 minute oh wait it's really two hours meeting. So fun.

Lunch right after that, and then loading the latest release of the printer software so I can start testing the next latest and greatest.

Certainly did not finish chapter 11 during all this, no, that's not what happened.

Went down the street to email guy, turns out his problem was easier than I thought. I just changed the password setting, apparently it was sending it one way but netscape *snortal* wanted it another. Whatever.

Back here I ate dinner, the usual stuff. Two calls, so I have a job for saturday and one for Sunday. *boo, hiss*

Looking to the future, bank tomorrow, shopping, probably over to get dry cat food if the roads are okay. Seeing my parents. Wait, there was one other thing, what was it? Oh yeah, hopefully getting these stupid trays off my teeth forever.

That's at 11:00 so I'm getting up early. Going in at 7:00 (again, roads pending) because it'll probably take an hour to get there, have him look them over, etc and get back. So going to bed early tonight.

Then Saturday the one call, a setup of a new laptop, and seeing Sean for Shadowrun, whatever that is.

Then Sunday replacing a router.

Don't get buried out there, and have a great start to March 2018.