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Last Thurs of this month

23 02 18 - 02:18

Can't have next one come fast enough

Just more working on copy at work today. And not chapter 3, no, not that at all.

Doing some of the tedious copy size matrix. Only some. Honestly it hasn't changed. So doing all of it is fairly pointless. But enough to prove that it hasn't changed, that's fine.

Verified one bug, yeah not much action.

Did the shopping, saw my parents, yummy fish time! Dad's favorite!

Back here I made some calls, only reached one person. A setup for my favorite day to work, Sunday! Goodie.

Played some FF8 and then did a bit of writing.

Pretty busy! Went to see book lady first thing, and she did have an odd problem. Her flash drives, both the old one and the new one she bought, claimed to have -- space. Not 0 space. Just blank. Very odd. Had to use bluetooth transfer in the end to get her files over. Huh.

Once back here I swung into high gear. Balanced my checkbook, I hadn't done that for two months actually. Worked on the site home page, it was out of date. Put the valentine's day gift on the project page. Cleaned the living room and vacuumed it. Haven't done that in far too long. Even did the stairs, which had never really been done, so you can imagine how bad that was.

Put in the corrections for book 2 and made a PDF, thought of a birthday gift, and added an entry to Ellen's site.

Played some FF8, did a bit of writing. Whew.

Finished chapter 4 in the morning, cleaned the kitchen a bit. Then out out for my 12:00. Set up her crappy referb machine. It has a 256GB HD. Now, if it had been an SSD, that would be fine. But it wasn't. Sucky. Set up her printer, reset her apple password, the usual.

Came back here, baked a pie.

Worked on the next chapter, watched a few things, read some comics.

Selling the guy half an hour away the refurb system, so I'm heading back out there tomorrow. Least it shouldn't be freezing cold, so that's a plus right?
Just a bunch of rain.

It did not start out a good day.

Woke up at 6:00 ish, which is an hour before I had to, and my immediate thought was "Wait, I told that guy $250 but what did I pay for that system? I didn't even check."

Well, turned out I lost like $20 on the deal. So stupid!

Was stumbling around getting ready and realized my eye didn't feel right. Wonder why? Oh, there's a hair. On my eyeball. Not an eyelash. No. A hair. From one corner of the eye to the other. That'll do it. Tried various things, finally just got a tweezers and (very carefully) pulled it off. Mission accomplished! Let's go back to bed.

But I had to press on.

Was assigned various test cases at work, apparently at random, so dove into them. Thanks, Gina. Basically finished them, as they were all very short ones. I took a longer one for myself. Joe got a service that doesn't even exist, so that's about his speed so again, well done.

Also had a very short half hour meeting that ran for 2 hours. Yeah, that's a thing.

Certainly did not proofread chapter 5 and figure out next steps. I've messed up my own plot a little by not stealing the armors from the guys about to kill Luke's family. But I worked around it.

Somewhat rainy on the way to the guy's place. But I got the system all set up. While his old drive was making a very concerning clicking noise I got his stuff off it. Whew. Get a backup drive. Oh wait, I should have sold him one. I've got three just sitting there.

Back here I ate dinner, checked my sites, ordered a replacement system and SSD to sell.

Made one call, but no work for tomorrow.

Maybe I'll go for a walk, it's supposed to be above 60. Nice! And rain. Bring an umbrella I guess?

Oh, and the asbestos cleanup has begun. It's right next to the empty lab, and I thought, oh, I should block off that door so someone doesn't walk out that way by accident. And they have already done so! Neat. So it's all blocked off with plastic. Wait, so is that stuff in our area too? Where… exactly? Ah well, it's that or something else, right?

Guess I'll get a little writing done.

So, accomplish anything today?


Got through two services, but I do have just a few timing tests to go for scan to google. Wrote up I think only one thing. Maybe two. Had a meeting to answer some questions about my test cases for AT&T, made a minor change to one of them. No big deal.

Certainly did not proofread chapter 6.

Came back here, the usual stuff. iMac guy called but he was fine in the end, have no idea what his issue was. Did not reach the guy for the new router, so nothing tomorrow.

It was fairly warm today, rainy though. Should be about the same tomorrow.

Played some FF8, stupid card game, pseudo random number generators, random rule, screwed up everything, ah well.

Fairly normal for the most part today. Finished up the timing stuff, loaded the new build, and started going through my resolved bugs. A lot of them are for the other product so I'll have to switch over to verify them. Not sure if that's the priority right now.

Didn't get through them all, most, I was doing one and suddenly couldn't use any of the online stuff. It just wouldn't connect. The other lab had the same issue. That took about 2 hours to clear, and by that time it was time to go home.

Which I did.

I did not finish writing and proofread chapter 7, no I did not.

Checked my sites, ate dinner, played some FF8.
With some luck, and by luck I mean learning how card game rules spread and how to manipulate the RNG I got back on track abolishing random in places in FF8. Nice!

Only one call, a question about a $600 printer. Buh? What, does it wash your car too? Why would anyone spend that much on a crappy inkjet printer? He said he was doing photos, do you know how many photos that would be an online photo printing service? I bet a lot. His head was dead (the printer head, not his own) at least according to the error message. He wanted to know if it was worth getting repaired. I told him my advice. (Go back in time, punch yourself, and tell younger you not to buy such an expensive junky thing)

Reached the guy for the router, so it's a half hour out there tomorrow. Yay.

The warmth was over, by the way. 60s in the morning, when I left work it was 40.
Ah well, a nice preview of what is to come.

Crappy today at lunch, looked outside and it was snowing and all kinds of awful.

Day went fine, as we had our cloud services back I half verified that bug I was working on. Need to verify it on the other service. Moved on to boot and recovery, wrote up one bug there. Or two? Two maybe.

Tried to load an AT&T build but the two machines I tried didn't show the feature. That's odd. She had a screenshot with it in, maybe it was only in that specific model I couldn't use because they were all signed out?

Certainly did not write chapter 8.

Drove a half hour to barky dog guy, they were two big dogs that acted like scared kitties. Silly doggies! Set up the router, hope it works out for ya.

Came back here, traffic wasn't too bad. Ate dinner, made two calls. So two for saturday, yay. I think the one woman somehow reloaded her machine? I don't know, you know that people trying to articulate their issues is like trying to get a fish to tell you about the nuances of rice farming in the early days of the Sui Dynasty.

Checked my sites, skipped my amazon kitty treats delivery because I still have unopened ones from last month, and tried to contain my excitement that one week from tomorrow I will hopefully get these stupid trays out of my mouth. Forever.

My fear is that he's going to tell me I need to go back and have another 3D scan done to make the retainer. But we'll see.

Busted out my old millennium falcon! Yeah, was searching online to see if it had an airlock, and then thought, "wait, I've got one I can just look at the basted thing, see where it might have been." I think it does, by the way. Mine is all busted up, I glued a few things and let it set. With clamps! My goodness that thing was dusty. Sorry Han! It's also very incomplete. I'm missing the gun on top, the floor, the thing that holds the ramp in place, probably some stickers. I could get one with a box for $200 on ebay. Well, starting bid is that, anyway.
I actually would have expected it to be more expensive.

Pretty standard weekend, no Sean news at this point but I would be more surprised now to actually do something other there. Ah well.

Bank, shopping, parents tomorrow. Hopefully something worthwhile (ff8 or writing) over the weekend.

See you all then.