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On the downward curve again

16 02 18 - 02:43

In more than one way.

Went back to the other software to continue putting bugs to bed. Got them all done, apart from the ones fixed in a later release, of course.

It was a bug city day today. The others really stepped up, like 12 bugs total written? Or was it 16? Some ridiculous number.

Did the scan to google service, wrote up a few things myself. Neat.

Went out, went to the bank, it was snowing, and continued to do so. Yay. Did the shopping, no cat food? What? That's the second week in a row. I have 2 cases of the stuff left but that's the breakfast stuff. The aldi stuff is the dinner stuff. I guess they just don't get dinner. Kidding, they'll just get breakfast stuff twice. Whatever.

Had my favoritist of the yummy foods at my parents, and came back here. Another day with no calls, thank you, and so I worked on plot for the next adventure. Oh, and what I took from the last world.

Checked my sites of course. Plenty to do tomorrow, will I get it all done? Who can say. Well, no, one of the things I want to do before starting book 3 is finish that game. We'll see if that happens.

Going to be really crappy the next few days, so glad I'm staying home and out of the snow.

Got the list started. Made the new page about the troubles I had making the arcade machine, go check it out.

Made the DVD for movie guy.

Ate lunch.

Worked on plot most of the rest of the day. Pages of notes! Pages!

FF8? For some strange reason? Because I wanted to, that's why. I saw a youtube video about breaking the game early on with the card game, something I had completely ignored in the previous playthroughs. Perhaps it isn't the worst FF game ever, and I'm just misjudging it?

Mostly more FF8, I've only done the first mission but goodness I'm powerful. This emulator doesn't have playstation cheats, but one thing it does have is fast forward. That's so nice, I'm playing most of the game that way. That and save states are the best things about emulation. Apart from the emulation itself, anyway.

Cleaned the driveway out, it was a good day to make a snowman. If you wanted to make a snowman. Of course it didn't have to be snowman.

Few other minor house things.

Talked with a lady for an hour getting her printer to work. Foxit doesn't like her bank statement PDF for some reason.

Have a job for tomorrow, so I guess we're back to reality.

What am I doing at work now, anyway? Humm…

Apparently print from google service. Pretty busy with that all day, and a few meetings of course. Can't forget them.

Wrote half of the bugs for today 3/6, so that was a win.

Went out to my after work job and remembered why I hate it. How quickly we forget. (I hadn't forgotten)

Her HD failed the hardware test, so it's time to bring it home. Yay.

Naturally it's a dell you have to completely disassemble to get at the HD, so I sat and did that. Trying my flash drive I got some bogus message about "drivers" so I figured I would try my DVD. Great, everything worked. Installed SP1, no problem, got her drivers done, no problem. Got her stuff copied back, no problem.


Apparently my disk is 32bit? HUH? How in the 9 levels of the underworld did that happen? It doesn't make sense.

Naturally there is no upgrade path from 32 to 64 bit, so that's helpful, that's MS.

So I got to reload it. Oh, this was so her video driver would work, there was only a 64 bit version of it. Because of course there was.

So that consumed all of the rest of the evening. So fun.

Remind me again why I do this?

No really, I need you to remind me.

Work went fine, did another service, Scan to Email. Fairly boring, I don't really think I wrote up anything against it.

Did write the first bit of the star wars world. Lysanias gets into a fight immediately so I have to do the rest here.

Freaking cold in the lab. So cold. Wearing heavier shirts from now on.

Dropped off the laptop I finished late last night, so that got done.

Then back here. Ate dinner, checked my sites.

Then the phone calls. The first one was a lady with jobs stuck in the queue. MS… really? In this day and age?

Made an appointment for Thursday, a machine that BSOD immediately on boot.
I didn't make it tomorrow because it's supposed to be near 50 and I need to change my oil. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow after work.

Then another lady for 40 minutes to try and install quicken. All she had to do: open the installer I discovered she had already downloaded. yeah. Four Ty Minutes.

And then they sent her some code she said she didn't get yet. Whatever, maybe it'll come soon. I don't care.

Played just a tiny bit of FF8 and went to bed!

Tomorrow we'll get the next AT&T software? But it was supposed to be a week from now so… yeah, I don't know. Should be fun?

Also some kind of day that means nothing to me? What could it be?

Oh, forever alone day, that's the one! How could I forget?

We did get all sorts of chocolate goodies. I brought in my yummy hot cocoa mix, but I don't think anyone had any. Sillies.

Did not get the AT&T stuff, they want to have more time to do testing on their own, so they want us to wait until early March. Fine with me.

Pretty busy today, twenty bugs to verify. Got through I think 18 of them, one is for OD which Gina wants us all to switch to, and one that's blocked by another bug I wrote.

Oh yeah, and I wrote like 6 of the 8 for today. My compatriots were doing… what? Eating all the chocolate goodies that were brought in, no doubt. I had… uh, a few too many myself. Here's to being forever alone! *cries*

Came back, changed my oil that went fine.

Checked my sites, made my phone calls. Two of them, ordering a new router for a guy who wants better signal and iMac guy with some questions. But don't worry, I had Thursday booked from before so it's a half hour journey to look forward to then.

Played some FF8 got a little further and wrote the battle between Lysanias and 6 storm troopers.

Wow, that did not go as planned, but I think it worked out better than I planned. How about that?

Back to being boring. Now on OD! Yay! I did copy today, for whatever reason. Hey, I needed something to do. And I certainly did not finish up chapter 1 and start chapter 2 of the book 3. No I did not.

Gee, did I even write any bugs today? I closed one that two other people had written. Mine started off a priority 4, the lowest. John wrote it up and it became a level 2. Then Kathy (the SE) wrote it up and it magically became a priority 1! Amazing. Thanks for taking my bugs all serious like.

After work job was a disappointment. Pulled into a huge house, he had three garage doors. Three. How do you need that many garage doors? Figured this place had money! Well, their PC was a crappy vista machine that said, when I turned it on, "your hard drive is dead, replace it." Plain text. English. There it was. You even had to HIT A KEY to acknowledge the message and proceed. Why was I there?

So that was 50 minutes of my life wasted. The only small consolation was that I was met at the door by two cute girls. Not a girl that was too cute, no, read it carefully. Two cute girls. I'm not saying that totally made the trip worth it, but what I am saying is… it didn't hurt. Oh, and he might buy my refurbished system. We'll see.

I got her macbook hooked up (that she said she got cheap because it was dented) to their printer, which wasn't wireless or network ready at all, for that matter. HUH? There's some sort of disconnect here I can't reconcile…

Got gas on the way home, and was home. Ate dinner, checked my sites, played a bit more FF8, and spent 40 minutes on the phone with book lady using her ancient machine to try and get a couple of 10 year old documents over to her other machine. To print. They were appleworks documents, so I decided saving them as PDF would be best. Well, we finally got through that but the flash drive copying just proved too much. So now I have 9:30 on Saturday booked. To do 5 seconds of work copying a couple of files to a flash drive.

And yes, I'm charging her the $50 rate. Thirty Four years, people. That's how long we've had modern Macs. That have copied files in exactly the same way. 34. Years. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm sorry, but you're getting charged to come and have me do it for you.

Looking to the future no Sean news so tomorrow will be the normal stuff. Shopping and seeing my parents.

Saturday the aforementioned, maybe more looking over the monsters and definitely playing more FF8. I would like to finish the second mission at some point. But I've drawn all the magic I can from the area, so it should go fast now. I'm SUPER over powered, it'll be a snap.

So that's half of February gone. So close to hopefully getting my trays out for good. Can't wait.

See you later everyone.