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One month left

02 02 18 - 01:01

Until I can hopefully take these invisaligns off forever.

Only two major happenings at work. Finished the scan test modification, it went fine. And went to a meeting about the removal of the feature we worked so hard to add before. Fine.

Certainly did not do any writing during the day. Next week: More of the same.

Went to the bank, shopping, and parent's house. Saw Gabe and held a fuzzy. Oh, and there were deer. And pizza. The deer were not eating the pizza.

Came back here, no calls except for movie guy calling to say he was working so if I called him he wouldn't be able to answer. Uh, okay? How about apologizing for not making it last week? How about that? How about offering a new time this weekend? No? Okay then.

Worked on getting this guy's stuff off his dead drive. I actually found his user folder in the 5000+ folders in the found.000 directory. It was near the top too. Neat.

I copied a bunch of stuff off at USB 2 speed on my Mac, and it took a couple of minutes. I'm now copying it over gigabit ethernet on the PC, and it's fluctuating between half an hour and 3 hours for the estimated time. Currently it's getting 500kb/sec. Over gigabit ethernet. Of course I don't know if this laptop has that. Probably not. But it must have 100mb right?


The current estimate is 10 HOURS. For something I spent a couple of minutes copying on the Mac. Why is windows so pathetic at everything? 10 hours? Seriously?
This is to an SSD by the way, not a HD. So that's even more pathetic.

Up and over to dentist guy, to finish the job I could have done over the phone if he wasn't doing who knows what to his machine. So I finally got his emails out of AOL and into the external hard drive so they could be given to another.

And of course the laundry list of other crap, like a spy camera and toolbars.

Back here I called film guy, but he couldn't come so he's calling me monday I guess.

Did some writing, done with chapter 10.

Out at 2:30ish for my 3:00. He just needed his wireless password typed in. Yup, it was written right there. Showed him how to put a picture on craigslist, answered a few minor questions.

Got to see my favorite automotive maneuver, let me tell you about it. The scene is this- I'm driving on the express way and coming up in 5-8 seconds on the right is a offramp. The car behind me needs to take this offramp. Scene set? Okay, action!

The car comes up behind me, and as I am a law abiding citizen (as far as anyone knows) I am driving the speed limit. This upsets Mr or Mrs car behind me, because they are many times more important than myself, and having left to get to wherever they are going to the last possible instant, are in a huge hurry. They pull into the lane to our left. They accelerate. They pull in front of me. And here's the funny part.

They continue going to the right, into the exit offramp, where they slam the brakes to not hit the people in front of them. I pass them, wondering if they have learned to drive out of a book about driving that got wet and a lot of the pages are now stuck together.

Seriously, it's my favorite. I've seen it so many times. People who cannot wait FIVE SECONDS for the ramp to come up, and have to physically circle my car. For some reason. It's bizarre. Can someone explain this maneuver to me? All you do is almost miss your exit, and now you're further behind than if you had just waited those five seconds.

Sean was around so I went over there to give Mizzy her ring. It fit! Yes! Realized I didn't actually take a picture of it like I wanted. Sigh.

Got a bunch of stuff to watch, and a donut. And the news that it'll be at least three weeks before we do anything, unless Friday is on option.

Got back here, started watching stuff. Then had my parents over to watch Mowana, which was good.

After they left I watched more Troll Hunters and went to bed.

Finished up Troll Hunters, that was most of the day. It was fairly good, even if I thought it had a bit of a weak start.

Only one call, a question, but I have tomorrow booked already. Bringing the laptop back.

Got ready for tomorrow, with the test cases done I guess it's back to (pretending) to test! Yay!

Did some more test case creation today, but not before I wrote up the day's only 7 bugs. Having been given the directive to write up "the serious one" which is stupid because they're all serious, otherwise they wouldn't be bugs, now would they? Anyway, "the serious" got written up. I then created a new test spreadsheet for the new service and noted down all of the things I found in it just in case someone other than myself tested it at some point in the future. Had a short meeting about AT&T, and a long meeting about tablet that stuff was mostly unnecessary. Such is life.

Plan for tomorrow? Heck if I know!

Came back here, took the christmas lights down to help avoid more rusting as the snow was gone, and went to deliver the laptop.

That done I came back here, ate dinner while watching eps 3 of Stranger things, and made my phone call. Lady's ink jet printer is busted because the "sponge" is full, because spraying ink everywhere inside your machine is a good idea! So she replaced her crappy ink jet epson with… (can you guess?) another crappy ink jet epson! Because people just don't learn from their mistakes.

Hey, I'm guilty too, I don't deny it. I'm people. Just saying.

So I have to go get it working because apparently it's too much for her.

Did some writing, to pass the time.

Wrote up one whole bug today, but then, that's all two other people did so I don't feel too bad. The email system returns a number with a space. If you put that space in, following the email exactly, the service gives you an incorrect error. (Rather than just taking the space out for you.)

Certainly did not write chapter 12 and part of 13, no I did not.

Went to help the lady with her printer. Got it on the wi-fi and it worked perfectly. Whatever.

Back here by 6:00, ate dinner and watched another episode of Stranger Things.
I must have been good, there were no calls today. Huh.
So I watched another episode and nearly finished chapter 13.

Ready for another fun day tomorrow.
Oh, it was really cold and snowed a lot today. Maybe an inch or two overnight? Yuck.

Who is Fujifilm paying? They've apparently paid "someone" 6.1 billion dollars for Xerox. But who gets that money? I don't. Did you? If I buy one of my books and then I get the money for the sale of the book, have I bought that book? Didn't I just pay myself? I don't get it.

Anyway, we got bought out… somehow. Within two years 10,000 people will lose their jobs. Yay! Oh wait, what's the opposite of that? How is making a company less able to do stuff by throwing away the people that do stuff help the company? I just don't get it.

Anyway, that's what I woke up to this morning. Hope you woke up to good news.

Work was boring, but is set to become less boring for the next two days. Got the new version of software in, and I have 17 bugs to verify. (Recall that our lowest producing member currently has 19 total)

We also had a meeting about the AT&T test cases, have a few things to add to them. I figure I'll take care of the bugs tomorrow, (I have two meetings so it might take the day, maybe not?) and then Friday morning before the 1:00 to finish that up I'll work on the AT&T stuff. There isn't much, honestly, hopefully I'll finish both tomorrow.

On the way to the meeting the Za Lord looked upon me and blessed me with free Za! I went back after and there was still tons, so I grabbed two pieces and some yummy hot chicken bits. I mean that's what they are. Warmed the whole thing in the microwave, which I hope is not an affront to the Za Lord. Cold pizza for breakfast= fine. Somewhat room temperature pizza= not fine. Then I went home.

Came home, cleaned the driveway out. It is summer yet?
Must have still been good, no calls today either. Watched the last two episodes of Stranger Things, which was pretty good!

Got ready for tomorrow, let's do that work!

I did that work! What was I worried about? Got the bugs done in the morning, half of them anyway. 1 was for a release that's coming in the future, I think two where OfficeDepot that I can't do yet, and the others were just a once occurrence or bear watching longer. I reopened two, and I think I wrote two as well. So that was productive.

Then in the afternoon I did more work on the AT&T test cases. I knew a little more what was needed now, so that got done.

Of course the two meetings went on.

I can officially write bugs against the sharepoint service, so you know what I'm doing tomorrow. The print part of it went in, so I'll get that set of test cases created as I did for the scan, and then start writing stuff up. Just looking at the print service before I went home I saw so many bugs, did they even try?

So looking forward to that.

Came back here, no job, so I checked my sites, ate dinner, wrapped my father's birthday present, made some modifications to the plot document, and did my calls. Yes, I had some tonight. Stupid.

Got one done over the phone, she installed an extension into Edge and couldn't log into her bank websites anymore! Ha!

Otherwise book lady in the morning, something about music from a flash drive. Apparently the other lady hasn't even turned the machine on since I set it up. Really? Okay.

A guy with a stuck CD drive that can't find the emergency eject hole, and a guy right down the street from book lady with a mac that won't boot. Just shows the apple logo.


So tomorrow, bug city and a new set of test cases. Seeing my parents, the shopping, home.

Then Sean's, for Pyre, because Friday for some reason. Not complaining, I offered to come then. It's better than not doing it at all!

Saturday a bunch of jobs, I'll make more calls then as well, usually don't Saturday but I won't have friday so…

Then Sunday I'll probably have to work, yay, and then seeing my folks for the big game/dad's birthday. A few days late but that's how we roll around here.

Probably do some writing tonight, we'll see.
Or looking at monsters in pyre, see if they have the right derived stats. I did say I would do that.

See you all next week.