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All better now.

26 01 18 - 01:48

Take that, germs!

Feeling a little better but the lack of sleep is catching up to me. Starting to get headache-y. Did the one service, what I could of it, anyway. It depended a lot on the CWW version and we don't have the right thing Xerox is going to use, I guess? Plus a lot of it was one line rather than actual directions so that didn't help. I wrote a bunch of stuff into it. (It was a test plan I had never run before, see above, John was the CWW guy.)

Otherwise just tried to stay awake and get through the day.

Went to the bank, did the shopping, no surprises there. Seeing my parents and many deer. Held a fuzzy twice. Figured out no one had gotten my reply email about my father's birthday gift. Whoops?

Came back here, thank you for three spam calls. No one to talk to. Checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow, and went to bed.

Somehow made it through the day. Dentist guy was the usual, a long list of stuff. I left him downloading 12,000 email messages from AOL so he could give a small subsection of them relating to this foundation he's stepping away from to someone else. Here's a tip, don't let your email swell to 12,000. It's meaningless. You'll never find anything anyway so you may as well just delete it all.

Back here I waited for movie guy. Who *shocker* didn't show.

Out again I set up the modem. I love the automated system, "it should only take a minute, unless it takes an hour." Great, that's helpful, thanks. Why would it take an hour, anyway? But he didn't call back so it must have worked out in the end.

Then back past the house and not far away. It was profile corruption as usual. So I had to move all their files to a new account. Honestly, are there QA people in Microsoft at all? This crap has been going on for years!

Got back, straightened up a little and got dinner, my father was waiting for me (hope you weren't waiting long dad) and we watched the Christmas Dr Who.

Then played some Rampage and I went to bed.

Ah, I made it. It wasn't a sure thing, let me tell you. A day I could just relax in bed. Well, not bed exactly, it was the couch, I can't sit up in bed. So I went over the Korra chapters, and slept a bunch. Cats have the right idea, you know? You want to sleep, you just sleep. Right on top of a dude if you have to. Right next to your friend who is also sleeping on top of a dude. Okay, maybe they're a little weird, but you get the idea.

Anyway, feeling much better, I can breathe again, I feel another good night's rest tonight and I'll be ready for a bunch of stupid meetings tomorrow and poking at some software for the millionth time.

Made my calls, spent an hour on the phone with the guy from yesterday, getting his stupid custom keyboard working again. And then for his wife's account. We didn't even do anything remotely related to that, why was it an issue? Again?

Did not reach dentist guy. Upshot is, I have nothing scheduled for the coming week at all. Is someone showing me mercy?

Finished up putting the changes for Korra in, and made a PDF. Nice. Let's keep writing the next world.

Got ready for tomorrow, and went to bed.

If you think something productive was done, well, are you in for a shock.

Had the AT&T meeting straight off, we're getting software fairly soon, how did they do that? We just started all this, right? Weird.

Went back to the lab, certainly did not finish up chapter 3 and start on chapter 4, no of course not. Then at 1:00 I had two meetings at once, because I just in that high a demand. It's so high, I'm like, in the highest of demand. So I went to the one, learned the sharepoint password and thought about looking into that. Wow is that service messed up. I could write so many bugs.

Anyway, after 1:30 I went to the second meeting, which was pretty much over. But I contributed what I could, and went back to the lab.

Worked on the AT&T stuff to make them more acceptable and get some of the steps I knew would work into the documents. There are still a few things I don't know about the machine, so those are big blank spots.

With that I came home. Yes, home, on a monday, and it wasn't snowing or anything. I came home, I checked my sites, I ate dinner, I didn't have to go anywhere. Oh, it was glorious.

Worked on chapter 4 a tiny bit more and then did my phone calls.

Booked the guy way out by Sean's for Saturday at 3:00. Recent events have shown the probability I will go to Sean's is quite low, but at least I'll be in the neighborhood if it does happen.

And tomorrow for the keyboard install at 5:00, should be no problem.

Spent another 40 minutes on the phone with custom keyboard guy, because he used an older one that had two commas and no period. I remember him making this one. Windows just refused to get rid of it and use the right one. But it finally did.

Got ready for tomorrow, and I'm going to bed early. Still playing catchup to sleep.

Now what did I do at work today? It must have been very important. Oh yes, I went though the new service and noted down all the possible bugs I could write about it. Not that I ever got an answer to "should we write bugs about the new service" or "where is my raise?" Where is my email going lately?

Did not finish chapter 4 and move on to 5, that would be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Went to my after work job after stopping off here to eat dinner. That went fine. The job, not the dinner.

Then back here, checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow, and made my one call. Tomorrow is booked, another scam victim that just wants me to look it over. Why do people keep falling for these? Oh right, it's different people! Wait, there's more than one people?

No dentist guy yet, I'll have to call him in a bit I guess.

Still warm, that's going to change really fast.

It changed really fast! So cold today.

Got the new build, switched over to OD so I could look my bugs over. That's odd, the buttons in one service don't look like they're in the same place any more. Well, that's easy to write up.

Otherwise verified a whole bunch, then did not work on chapter 6. I did important, vital testing work, yes, that is what I did.

Drove a half hour almost to Sean's, and her laptop had nothing wrong with it. Just a scare, apparently. But I did the needful, and drove back. Got back here at 5:50, so I beat 6:00. Traffic was surprisingly absent. I was, well, surprised.

Checked my sites, ate dinner. Reached dentist guy. His email wasn't in the state I needed, despite it being two days later. It hadn't downloaded the actual messages we needed. Maybe because there were 20,000+ messages in the inbox so it got stuck at some point? Who knows.

The other guy wanted me to call at 8:00, like I was some sort of hotel wake up service. Why don't you call me at 8:00? You're the one who needs me, after all. Why make me remember? I don't need you.

So that hasn't happened yet.

It happened. His machine won't boot, but some props must be given as he did figure out how to run the diagnostics. That passed, so I get to look forward to 2 hours of reloading windows tomorrow. Yay. Because that's what I'm going to do, just reload it. There's no sense doing anything else, it won't work.

So there's something to look forward to.

Best night's sleep I've had in days, could finally be catching up?

Some good work news, no that raise didn't come in, I've got stuff to do. A new spec came out, so I sat and made sure all the tags were there that should be, and updated them all. Got through all the print ones, I'll do the scan ones tomorrow. Also have a meeting about test cases with Christina but that should be fairly short.

Certainly did not write chapter 7 while there.

After work job was fairly quick. His hard drive sort of ate itself. Seriously, he had no windows folder, no users folder. He had a windows.old folder, but it was empty. Blank. The end. I found a "found.000" folder which had 45GB in it. Oh, there's all your stuff. All over the place, and how are we ever going to get it out of the 2000+ folders it's been shoved into? Good question!

Oh, and I couldn't reload windows because it was complaining about the partition being gdp or something. GPT. Dude, windows was on it. Now it can't be installed? I've run across this before, have I mentioned I hate windows lately?

No, I hate windows all the time, I'm asking if I've mentioned it lately.

He decided on an SSD, thank the stars, and I bought it home to load. He's out of town so I'll bring it back Monday.

Here I made a new win10 install flash using the latest build, saving him downloading 3gb of "update" later on. I'm so nice.

Did the reload.

Got more than half way through chapter 8.

No calls today!

Got Mizzy's ring, should take some pictures of it before I bring it over there.

No Sean news yet but I'll be down the street. I'll at least drop the ring off. One way or the other.

So looking to the future it's bank, I suppose I have enough to justify going. Then shopping, and dinner with parents.

Dentist guy on Saturday morning, then router guy in the afternoon. Dropping the ring off. Otherwise I'm wide open, baby!

Maybe I'll do something fun and spontaneous!



See you next week.