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Bit of a cold

19 01 18 - 01:19

And I don't mean the temps

The snow is coming down!

Anyway, went to work in the rain. And it rained all day, all. Freaking. Day.

Got through access rolls, again no bugs written. Talked about AT&T stuff, and porting it to the newer products. Should be a blast.

Also worked on the "optional rules" document a bit.

Did the shopping, very crowded there wonder why? Saw my parents, had a nice dinner, and came back.

Couple of calls, one dead HD, it failed the SMART test, so yeah, it's toast. Whoops. That's for Monday just in case everything gets shifted to Sunday.

Checked my sites, put the rules stuff in the Indesign document and watched some videos. And the snow coming down, it's really coming down. It went from nothing at 7:00 in two hours to like a quarter inch. I could see 8-12 inches by morning.


And we did. About 11 inches measured on top of the trash can. 16 measured by the garage door. This was troublesome because the snow was actually higher than my snowblower was tall.

Anyway, did finally manage to get the driveway clear, and really it was all fluffy stuff so it didn't move that hard. And yet, the roads were a concern.

I didn't go to my first 2 appointments.

Instead I finished the "lets play" of myst, the bane of my childhood gaming. I recall one thing from myst. That was being so frustrated with it I actually turned the files back into hypercard stacks and checked the code to see what they wanted me to do. I didn't get much farther than that. I just couldn't wrap my head around the puzzles. Nice to see it though to completion once though.

Went out at 1:30 for my 2:00 so I would arrive in time. It wasn't a cleanout, as specified, but rather a BSOD. Yes, another one. I immediately tried to reload it figuring I would wind up doing that anyway. It didn't work. What? So I copied their stuff off, all 3Gbs worth of it, for an hour. (I hate how slow windows copies!!!) then formatted the drive and reloaded it. This worked. Put their stuff back, left.

Called my 11:00, book lady, because I didn't want to go out Sunday. She made all sorts of excuses why I couldn't come right then. Okay, fine, I'll offer you Wednesday of next week. And that's the week booked and it's not even Sunday yet. Super!

Back here I wrote chapter 36, and figure maybe one or two more chapters before FF6 world. Neat.

Finished Korra! 134,744 words. Now to proof it, though I've proofed some of it already.

Was nice and sunny, no snow melted though.

Started the next world, #excited! You know what's going to be helpful? Let's Plays. Yeah. I was going to start another game to see the beginning stuff because the walkthrough didn't have a detail I wanted and then I thought, wait, youtube. I had the answer!

Made some calls, just questions and book lady, who I booked for Wednesday. That completes the week. Tomorrow is crashed HD lady. Yay.

Begin week 3.

It begins mostly as I expected.

Got through two services at work, the final two from what I can see. We'll take another look tomorrow of course but I think most everything is done. Just in time for the new build wednesday.

Had a somewhat useless meeting about the AT&T stuff for the newer machines. We won't get software until early March and I'm just testing the same AT&T stuff I did before, it's just in a slightly different place. So it's not like I need to prepare all that much.

Otherwise I certainly didn't finish chapter 2 and start 3 during any of that. No I did not.

Out to replace the HD, and it still worked enough to get her stuff off. Odd, that. It failed the hardware test I had her run, but it still worked? Huh? Still, tedious as always. And I magically got home right at 7:00 so I could make phone calls. Yay!

Dentist guy with what will prove to be his usual crap fast 9:00 Saturday, and half an hour on the phone getting a stupid HP printer to work again. As usual the reconnection "daemon" or whatever stopped working, so I had to put it on static IP. Thanks, HP.

And then finally I got to eat dinner and check my sites. Got ready for tomorrow, and a little work on the plot for the next story.

Tomorrow is a 6:00 but I'm just bringing them a keyboard, so it should be short.

Getting sick? Been sneezing and blowing my nose like a maniac. I blame my parents, given they're the only people that have been sick around me that I know about. Thanks you two!

Bored at work, but we should get a new build with many fixes in it tomorrow, so that should keep me entertained for a day or so.

Went to two places, as I was home early and checked my messages. Stupid contacts, of course I forgot them when I put in the new HD for the lady yesterday. So I went back there, then over to drop off the keyboard. Keyboard ordered, and a good thing I went and looked for myself. All the ones I was looking at called out "big enter button" so I asked him, "is your enter button an inverted L?" Oh yes, he replied, either too stupid to look at his own laptop, too ashamed to admit he didn't know what an L was, or just clueless about life in general. It was not that keyboard, it was another one. So yeah, that saved me some time in the long run.

Worked on plot, have it almost all done. Wanted to go to bed early. Nope. At 8:30 I got a call "waaa my printr doesn't work now." 50 minutes later I had him printing again. Sigh.

Bed now.

"Slept" fairly badly, but I got though the day okay. Still a bit miserable, but it's not too bad.
I did better than I thought, given the number of hours sleep I was running on, but then I've always been able to function for a bit before that sort of thing catches up to me. (And then it does, ugh)

Probably taking medicine tonight, I still have some left when that awful cough I had, what, two years ago now? Three? Huh.

Installed the new build, looked at my fixed test cases. Wrote a few new ones, and hey I got bug 2000! Nice.

Had a meeting about the test cases for AT&T, apparently they're doing some bizarre stuff, and some other group is going to do some testing, and the schedule is moving, and who knows what else. So I'll do that tomorrow, as it was 3:00 when I got back from that. (And I was really running down at that point).

But did I get to go home? No! Why would that be a thing? I got to set up book ladies new PC. That went fine, of course her old PC was better, but if you let some joker onto your machine and scam you, naturally you're going to listen to some other joker (who doesn't realize windows defender is an antivirus) that you need a new PC. One follows the other.

Finally got back a tiny bit earlier than usual, 6:45, and made phone calls. It was a couple for Saturday ("oh, you can't make it until then? Waaa") and another 40 minute call figuring out someone wasn't signed in to iCloud, and then signing them in. Talk about a lengthy process. You need to go back and forth to another device twice. Is that really necessary, apple?

I am now pretty much done, didn't even eat dinner. Just going to relax for an hour, take my medicine, and go to bed.

Oh, and I haven't gotten that raise my boss promised me. Got my latest payment, no increase it all. Thanks!

Still so much of this week to go…

I'm actually getting better? This is weird. It was around 3:00, I had been running at the nose all day, so much that I used a box of tissues in the last two days and suddenly… I was fine. My breathing isn't completely clear and I still have to blow my nose occasionally, but that's just me being me. So strange. I even feel better. I'm still going to bed early, don't get me wrong. Odd.

Spent the day in my little corner, going over the AT&T test cases and putting in the so called "guidelines" which are very, very, very broad and bordering on useless. We have pages and pages of spec tags to test to, every little thing exactly specified how it works. Not so much with the FX stuff. But I did what I could. All of them aren't done, so for the ones that aren't I just went though and tried to figure out what would be only applicable to the older product. Because the newer product doesn't have a lot of the same options. Go figure.

Mitch sent me an email like "send me the link to those test cases."
Dude, it's been a single day. It hasn't even been a whole day, can you give me the day? It was just the way he asked. Not "Hey Robert, if you had a chance to look those test cases over can I have what you finished today?" Something. Nope. Just "where are they?" I mean they were done, don't get me wrong, I'm awesome like that, still.

Went to victor, he had actually already set up his echo, he was just saying "alexa" and figuring it was going to read his mind or something. Or start a conversation with him. No. You have to tell it what you want. Meanwhile I checked the machine over, made some adjustments.

Ate dinner, checked my sites, put in my new trays.

Um, no writing.

Made my calls, resetting a guy's AOL password and telling artist guy how to force quit safari to get rid of a scam.

Wrote this up and it'll soon be bedtime.

Tomorrow back to the tablet stuff, hurrah. Bank this week, haven't been doing all this crap for my health, you know. In fact quite the opposite, now I think about it. Shopping, seeing my parents.

No Sean again? Saturday will still be pretty busy, with dentist guy's usual crap, movie guy coming here, and then the lady who can't log in to her own machine. If I can keep Sunday free at all, I will.

We're halfway though January. Shoot, I need to get my father a birthday gift. Maybe Sunday?

Hope it's been good to you, see you all next week.