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1ft of snow in a day?

12 01 18 - 02:02

It'll be fine!

Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs yay. Back to bug writing, go me. Wrote at least 6, may be seven, could be 6. Probably 6. Little Trump impression there.

Anyway, getting to work was nasty. It was really bad out. Like 5 degrees and very windy, low visibility. And look at all the "I'm not coming into work today." emails. Were there any "(external)" on that list? Why no, there were not. What an amazing thing.

Anyway, got through the print app and almost all through the scan app. Some strange bugs too.

Went to the bank, shopping, and then over to see my parents. Mom has a cold, feel better!

Then back here, checked my sites, made 1 phone call. Stuck CD drive. He couldn't find the manual release hole, but said he had already put the software he wanted to load on his laptop. I suggested 1) download it, there must be an option for that. 2) transfer the data or the installer via flash drive from one to the other. 3) Find the stupid hole, it's right there.

Well, you know how all that went over. Like a lead balloon.

Still only the one for tomorrow, we'll see what the weather does. It seems to be calmer at the moment. Getting back was a bear, by the way.

Watched a bit more Orphan Black, did some reading.

Weather wise it wasn't too bad this morning. Got up at the normal time, cleared the driveway at 8:00, left at 8:30. Got there a little early and went to work. Wouldn't even boot in safe mode. Have I mentioned lately I hate windows? sfc just kinda sat there, grinding the hard drive away, and when I tried the "refresh" that didn't do a thing either. Apart from give me an error message, anyway. So I had to reload the thing totally. Always a treat.

Finally back at 11:30 I had some yummy tuna casserole by my sister, thanks! Then watched the rest of season 4. Also finished re-re-rereading my Harry Potter story and making some minor corrections to it.

Got some calls today, including book guy who called three times because he can't figure out phones, to tell me someone got him a "new" "desktop" (spoiler, it's a laptop) whatever that means. He wants it set up. Well, maybe next week some time, dude. I'm not going out tomorrow.

Not much to speak of today. Plenty of calls came in, I have up to Thursday booked and I still haven't gotten back to book guy. His phone just went to voicemail for three hours. One other person that emailed me to call their parents, no answer there and then it went to a busy signal? Odd. I keep forgetting to call movie guy to come and view his latest edits, too. I have one for Saturday as well, so it seems like it's going to be a busy week. All going to be so fun, I can just feel it. Here. In my bones. Yay.

Watched more Orphan Black, and wrote chapter 31. Up to 113,301 words. Nice.

Did some cleaning, not much snow today thank you very much. May even be above freezing before long. Not much above, mind you. Don't want to go crazy.

You know, it's weird. On days I don't wake to an alarm, even if I go to bed at the same time, I wake up at 8:30. Almost on the nose. Very strange.

Let's begin the second week of January, get back to testing the same crap and then getting home way too late to do anything else. Looking forward to it!

My expectations were met!

Finished up dropbox service, no bugs written. Really I just had the timing stuff and the home/back buttons to do. If they've messed THAT up, well, I'm going home.

Talked about the somewhat confusing and poorly written spec for the config files. Why have config settings, the same config settings mind, in two places? It boggles the mind. And I found a third file with some more of the same settings. Wha?

After work job took as long at reach as it did to execute. She had two routers, well, three if you count the other unplugged one on her desk. So I took off the one, got her printer connected to it again, and of course her cartridges are totally clogged. Laser printing, people. La. Ser.

Back here I ate dinner, checked my sites, watched an episode, and then made phone calls. I have two for tomorrow, as my (now) second one wanted 5:30. The earlier one is just punching her. Wi-fi password into her new iPad. Wait, did I have a spurious period there someplace? Ah well, can't go back and check.

And I booked all of Saturday, leaving 4:30 open for the unlikely event of going to Sean's. Guess that means Sunday will be utilized, yay.

Took a call from a guy I set up a router for a year and a half ago, he said. Wanted the password. Hey, thanks past me for setting every router in the area up identically!

Then I got a call from the two book ladies. "My machine is playing music!" Oh really? Quit iTunes. "The music stopped!" Wow, what a shock that the music playing app was playing music!

Gonna be such a great week.

Here's a fun fact. I dug out my old year 2000 calendar because I keep everything (don't you judge me. Don't you do it! I see you back there!) and calculated (via website) that between when I was hired at Xerox the first time and when I was let go was 897 days. If I want to beat that record I have to be working there April 11th of this year. Think it'll happen?

Finished up another service today, that of print from USB. Apparently they want to add fax back, because the 1990s called and demanded equal time. The library the demo unit is in does half it's business sending faxes? How can that even be true? How? HOW?

Wrote two bugs, but that was half the bugs written today so I don't feel too bad.

After work stuff worked out great. Came back here and ate dinner, then left again. Put in the password for the lady, that was all she needed. Then went down the street to the other lady and she had already gone to apple store so she just wanted me to look it over. It was a Mac, I did for two minutes. It was fine. Done.

Came back here, checked my sites, made two phone calls but they were just questions. Did some writing.

More testing, and I wrote one more bug than yesterday. But wait, if I wrote down what I wanted to write up yesterday, but I didn't write it up, does that count for today or yesterday? Ah well, who cares?

Went into copy today, the only "main" service left. And finished it. Now it's just the stupid lesser test cases. Here's a question, out of 8 services, why have I done half of them when we have 6 team members? Does that seem fair to you?

Warmer, not freezing today and it should get warmer still.

After work was artist guy. Answered a bunch of questions for him and got rid of mackeeper, opera, some pdf thing, and chromium. How does he even get all this crap on his machine? He doesn't know anything, he can't be looking for this stuff. What sites is he going to? Very weird.

Back here I did the usual, and then wrote most of chapter 34. Getting closer to Vaatu getting out!

The laufs just don't stop around here, let me tell you.

Spent the day listening to people pounding on the roof. It was leaking above our lab, which was great, just great. Remember last year, when Xerox said how many millions or whatever it would take to fix the roof the proper way? And then we didn't do that? Yeah? You do? Great, because it looks like that decision was the right one. Super right. Anyway, to the tune of banging, sawing, and stomping I ran cloud service app jobs all day to see if the memory issue had been fixed. Good news, it looks like it has. Amazing, I know.

Also wrote up a little document about the "unofficial optional paragon rules" I use.
Because that crap is boring!

Went to set up book guy's new machine. Spoiler, he messed the book up again. Dude, didn't you give that thing up? Because publishers laughed at you? GIVE IT UP. Anyway, it was a crappy $300 laptop purchased because it was a $300 laptop. So he got a crappy $300 laptop. Coupled with the fact his internet (DSL) moves at dial up speeds (I'm not joking) I took it home to install the usual stuff. Yeah, I figured that would be faster. I was right.

But of course I had to go back and forth so I didn't get home until 7:30.

Made an appointment for Tuesday of next week, checked my sites, and boom, it was 9:00.

Going to be nasty the next few days. It was raining like crazy today, thank goodness it wasn't colder, but we're going to get an INCH of rain through tomorrow, turning into "Snow accumulation of a foot or more." friday night. Another 1-3 inches tomorrow, but who will notice? We'll all be frozen solid in a block of ice.

Have no idea if I'll be doing any jobs Saturday, but if it's that bad out, probably not.

Yay, I get to push them out and get even more backlogged.

Anyway, normal stuff tomorrow, I'll start in on the more tedious and hateful test cases, then do the friday stuff. I only have three checks so it's pointless going to the bank. But shopping and seeing my parents, probably. Unless it starts really coming down and then I'll just go home.

Well, the second week is over. How is the new year treating ya'll? See you next time.