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The curtain closes

29 12 17 - 02:18

And then begins another rise

Did a little cleaning up around here, but mostly watching the rest of The Orville. Thought about more Korra plot of course.

Oh, and played some more Dungeon Magic. It's a pretty neat game, but boy oh boy it's an arcade game all right. I die all the time. Two player would be better.

Also went out to see printer lady. I did what I was telling her to do over the phone, and what do you know, it worked just fine. How about that? Then went shopping and to the bank.

Went at 5:00 over to pick up my father, and we went to my sister's house for my mother's present day.

Back here I worked on chapter 30, made my one phone call, ordered the bottom part of a dell laptop to hopefully fix a busted hinge holder, and went to bed.

Got right to work on the game, and got all the overdrives done. With that finished I ate lunch, watched the last hunger games movie, and started integrating the pieces of the game into a cohesive whole.

The transitions work! Now to clean it up. Still left to do: debug. Add splash page. Add preference for which save you are using. Add screen for choosing save. Add tutorial when new game is chosen. Sound effects. Still a lot to do. But it's creeping closer.

Did not go to Sean's as was planned, I fear. It was snowing pretty heavily and there was a storm warning until 7:00. Sigh.

After I ate I wrote down some Korra notes, plotting out the rest of that world.

Watched a movie that was rather Susan, if you'll forgive the transgression of using a proper name in that fashion. If you read the story it would make perfect sense. It was about a man who found out he was in a story, and actually met his narrator. Susan never met me, of course, but she did meet someone who had printed out part of her story. So she was in the same world as me. Quite good.

Did a bit of play testing the game, it works pretty well. Made a few code changes, but nothing too serious.

Also worked on chapter 30, nearly finished it.

Moved all my VHS tapes from a huge box downstairs into a nice stack, have no idea why. I mean I know why the space, I moved the wood chips for the mouse to downstairs, as I have the spare tank in the collection room most of the time in the winter anyway. Cleaned up some more stuff downstairs.

Read a few online comics, then left for my parent's house.

Had a very nice Eve, we did the game and had a nice dinner. Was very snowy on the way back. What's it going to be like in the morning? Yuck.

Bedtime, I got back pretty late.

Merry Christmas.

It's over!

Wait, what?

Anyway, would have had a perfect christmas had I not stumbled coming out of my parent's house and whacked my foot. It seemed okay when I was there, maybe the cold was numbing it? Anyway, once I got back it was fairly painful. I've been keeping the heating pad on it all day, now it's more just tense than painful. My goodness we're fragile little creatures, aren't we?

Apart from that had a very nice christmas. Saw my grandfather and a small fraction of my other extended family. Got the vinyl stickers for the side of the arcade cabinet


and the screwdriver set that will replace the cardboard box top I was previously using to hold screwdrivers to the side of the fridge. Magnets, how do they work?

Other things done today while heating foot: catching up on 5+ years of grrl power, a superhero comic about a young girl that finds a bunch of orbs in the ocean that give her super powers. But she has to hold the orb, so she can only hold and thus use two powers at a time. In the 5+ years the comic has run in universe time all of 2 days. To say the pace is rather slow may be some kind of understatement.

This evening I took all the christmas stuff down, and made my calls. Wow, didn't miss that! Spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to get some guy to click on what I was telling him to click on to get his thunderbird settings correct. Seriously, 40 minutes. Oh, and why were his setting suddenly not working? Did Thunderbird lose them? So I have Thursday booked, and two for Saturday. Yay. Because I AM NOT working tomorrow. I am taking TWO DAYS OFF. Count them. TWO.

Also put up the new cat window seat, which is plastic instead of metal like my old one. We'll see how it holds up.

Haven't put the pony stuff away yet, I need to figure out how to take over more of that shelf.

Cleaned the mouse, did the laundry. Checked my websites. See, I wasn't totally lazy today.

Not much to write about today, just took it easy. More cleanup around here, put christmas away. I had packed everything last night just didn't put it in the storage room.

Watched some He-Man, as I got that I believe a year ago and still hadn't done anything with it. It was about time. Digitized the episodes, so that's done forever.

Read my manga.

Threw some stuff away, hard as that is for me. Made a space for the iMac that's been hanging around, it's officially in the collection now after the data was wiped off it.

Bitterly cold out. Down to 6 degrees tonight, and tomorrow it's going to be all of 15. Yipes.

One call, so I have three for Saturday. Probably going to Sean's this week, again if the weather cooperates. It did some snowing, which I think hasn't actually tapered off yet. But the chances for the next few days are low, so it claims.

Foot seems to be fine, thanks for inquiring. Tiny bit stiff but doesn't hurt any more.

As expected, very boring at work apart from one little slip up. By me. Yay. There were all of 4 cars in the parking lot when I arrived, four. I counted. Not that I could help myself. I mean if you saw four things would you later be able to say "I didn't know there were four things."? Of course not. You would know. So there were four cars, and four cars is how many there were. Eleven when I left, not counting mine.

The slip up was trying to do work. If I had just not done so, well, it wouldn't have happened. Anyway, I reloaded the tablet with the office depot software because someone was all "oh, can you see if this bug is fixed" and suddenly my card reader was acting like it had OD software on it. Because I had forgotten it was still connected. Great. So now it can't go back, for "reasons" we are not fully aware of. John did it with staples once, they can go away from something but not back to it? Huh? So that's basically useless to us now. Sigh.

Otherwise wrote one minor bug, and poked at it a bit expecting to find nothing, which is what I found.

SUPER cold today. It got up to 12 degrees when I went back home. Burr.

After work was just answering questions for a guy, which I did. Easy peasy.

Once back here I ate dinner, told book guy I had emailed him about the new laptop he wants to get (for $250? Uh, hope you want a used PC because that's all you're getting at that price point) and then sent him the same email.

So tomorrow, another useless day at work but car guy is bringing in chili, so we'll see what that's all about. Then shopping, and over to see my parents.

Saturday I'll do three jobs and then go to Sean's at 4:00, no RPG stuff, I guess. Who needs to do testing?

Not sure about Sunday, and of course Monday I have off as well, not doing any PC stuff then either. So there.

That's it for December folks. And 2017. You're one year into Trump's America, hope you're finding it to your liking. You've got three more years to go.

Have a good new year, and I'll see you back here in 2018.