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One more week

22 12 17 - 03:10

And we begin 2018

And so another friday comes to pass.

Wrote up all of one bug today, but I take solace in the fact I was the only one to have written up anything. So there's that.

Otherwise, boring as all get out.

Went to the store, knew my mother would be late getting back so I pulled into good will, to get whatever they had that might entrance and amuse for the christmas game. Cleaned them out, and went on my way.

Had dinner with my parents, and came home to three phone calls. Sigh.

First one was, oh, power supply guy saying his laptop worked now, but wouldn't charge. And he wasn't available tonight. Okay.

Second one- hangup.

Third one- hangup! Yes!

So I didn't have to make any calls.

Instead I checked my sites, and finished wrapping everything. Only things left now are candy making and getting the game pictures around. I'll do that for sure tomorrow, and I'll be ready a whole week ahead. Sweet.

Wrapping took quite a while, it's bedtime. So awaaaay we go!

Got up, ate breakfast, and made candy.


Got the pictures for the game.


Went out to see about the misbehaving PC, in the blizzard. For serious, it was mad snowy out there. I wasn't even able to get up the final street and had to park by the side of the road. Getting home, also fairly hairy, but I did it. And I shall not leave for love nor money. Well, maybe if it was True Love, but how many of those do you see? For me, I mean.

The job went fine, figured out how to back up her external drive using the sync software the drive came with. Ran the usual scans, took off some ancient stuff, did updates. The usual.

Came back, had lunch, then got to work on the game again. Got more chips done, only 19 of the 47 left to go. And 12 of those are very similar, the code will be the same the name just changes. So really it's only 7. Nice.

With that done it was getting dark, so I threw The Hunger Games up on the big screen, and after that as I had been reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality again, decided to watch the first movie. Where does Ron get "muggle" clothes, anyway? When they're going for the stone Ron's in like jeans, but he's from a wizard family. Wouldn't he be wearing that old timey stuff like every other wizard we see? And why does Hermione get all dressed up? She's in a dress and tights, not something you want to be wearing when fighting dark wizards. Weird.

Also, HPMOR has a good point. At the end Dumbledore (claims) that the stone is destroyed. How much "elixir" could it produce, anyway? Could every wizard become immortal? By destroying it aren't you effectively murdering every witch and wizard in the world? I mean, think about it. It's like he very slowly poisoned every person alive.

And this elixir, how often do you have to take it? Why does it both produce a liquid that halts aging AND turn any metal to gold?

Why does their "detention" mean going basically alone into the forest, where they KNOW something incredibly dangerous is lurking around killing unicorns? Do they think it's only a danger to unicorns? That it won't kill a couple of kids it stumbles across?

I better stop, this could go on all day.

Started with more work on chapter 23, finishing it up, and moved to chap 24.
Then 25. Very important chapters, and basically the end of the original series "book 1" Now we get into spirit stuff, and "book 2" which I think will be a bit different. 90,000 words, nice!

Watched Catching Fire, also fairly good. Huh. Imagine that.

No calls this weekend? Nothing to do but come home tomorrow? Someone's been good?

Wow, today flew by for some reason. Oh, I'll tell you the reason. I kept getting distracted by stuff.

Had the early morning meeting about what we were going to do today. Got my new assignment, the stupid 10x reliability which will go just fine because we have no cloud apps. But whatever, gotta keep the peons busy, right?

But she wanted me to do our xerox app rather than the office depot one, so I had to reload the tablet. Got that all set, and one of the managers bought lunch for us, so that came. Moe's, so tasty!

Then we were talking, well, I wasn't, but I did listen. Oh that I did.

Started the stupid test with copy, got through the 10 and hey, it was actually kinda slow. Odd. But it worked. Then Mitch wanted me to look at the SNMP stuff for thinprint. The developers sent us a very, very, very, very, very, very (very) crappy script to "test" it with, so I worked with Chris to figure out what the heck it was doing. See, my script that I made had a nice menu, and you could choose what you wanted to do. It had comments, so someone reading it could understand what was happening. Because THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU MAKE CODE. Developers should, I don't know, understand that? Because I knew someone (maybe me) would be looking at that somewhere down the line and they might want to know why I did certain things.

Anyway, this was just a one minute test with no interactivity, no "this is what I'm doing" no comments, nothing. You just run it and hope for the best! That's useful!

So we figured out how to get the commands we needed out of the blasted thing and change the script to make the machine reboot because it's a versa link, and they have to be rebooted after every change! Yup, imagine having to turn your car off when you wanted to change the radio station. That's how annoying it is.

I had JUST gotten the script done and it was 4:00 so I said "screw this noise, I'm out of here." Well, maybe not those exact words. Because the lab was pretty quiet, as was the parking lot because it's a freaking week before christmas. The only people left are, you guessed it, us peons.

Back here I worked on chapter 26, came up with the events of 27, watched another hunger games movie, and made calls. (Had a light supper, was still full from Moe's.) Managed to talk everybody through everything, go me, nothing for tomorrow. Let's keep that up.

Not quite as quick today, but it passed, it passed. Got the SNMP script going, I had to add the two deletion lines at the top before it would go though the second time. So weird. But they do work. Naturally there are two versa link only settings they didn't implement, or at least didn't put with the settings I tested. Chris was looking into it, he sent an email at the end of the day but I was just packing up so I don't know what it was about.

Did the reliability stuff, no troubles there, so I'm ready for the new build tomorrow.

Came back here, worked on chapters 27 and 28, spirit attack! Dreams! Moon spirit! Nice.

Watched a bit of the Orville, pretty good!

No calls, apart from power cord guy saying his battery suddenly started charging again. Uh, okay? So nothing after work tomorrow either. Oh, I could get used to that.

The new build came, and they're going to have to do a ton of work they've already done because we changed the browser. Why, you ask? I have no clue. In any case, didn't spend much time with it because I got another version of the thinprint stuff, so they wanted me to go through that again. Seems familiar. So I did that in the afternoon. Stayed an extra hour later so I'll leave an hour earlier tomorrow, so there. Going to be so dead there tomorrow, I'm not even kidding.

Came back here, worked on a bit of chapter 28, but need to figure out how Korra's training goes. How do you train someone to summon angels anyway? Have to read up on that in Demongate High.

Then some more The Orville, still good. Put in tray 3 of 14, so we're getting somewhere there slowly.

Got the arcade stick back, issued the refund. Moron. Maybe I'll put it in the shops? I don't know.

Ah, the last day of work for 6 days. Or not, as tonight I spent 40 minutes on the phone with printer lady because she (inevitably) screwed it up. All she had to do was nothing. Envelopes in the top, regular paper in the tray. But she's got it screwed up somehow, so tomorrow I get to go out. Yay.

Work was boring, no bugs written, pie slices eaten. Rest of pie taken home. You guys had your chances!

Watched season 2 of korra, or fast forwarded through it anyway, noting down what happened. Now to come up with what happens in my version.

Seeing Sean Saturday, I can give him my gifts. Tomorrow is mommy present day, but I'll go to the bank and such as usual. So it's 1:00 printer lady, shopping and bank, then at 5:00 over to pick up my father, and then to see everybody. Otherwise thinking about Korra, making new spirits for them to summon, and maybe some work on the game? Don't know. Want to use my arcade machine as well. Figure out what to do with the stick. Ugh, looks like snow tomorrow too.

In any case, have a good Christmas if that's your thing. If it's not, have a good 25th of December for no reason at all. I'll see you next week, with only a few more days of 2017 to go.