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Some late jobs this week

20 10 17 - 00:12

And for what? I hear myself asking.

All day it was reliability. Run job after job, tediously. Didn't see anything but what I had seen before, as expected.

Read a bit of what I had written of Lysanias while I did that. Found some mistakes.

Went shopping, then pet a kitty while I waited for my parents to come back.

Had dinner there, then came back here. Put stuff away, made my phone calls, there were only 2. iMac guy who I reached, he's about 7 minutes from the theater, oh the theater, so I'm probably going over there far too early but okay, I can proofread there as well as anyplace. And I got a lady's printer working again.

Did more work no the game, at least figuring out a few things.

Had a few head scratching moments but the system is in place to show how much each piece is worth when you match it. That took most of the morning, oh well.

And playing it I noticed a bug. Two pieces went to the same spot. But only if it hits exactly one piece on the way. I thought I was past that! AAARRRGGG!

Solved the issue. Looked at the original game, and it isn't doing anything fancy. In fact, it turns the speed up and just whips the piece back into place. I thought I was all slick trying to animate the board back but no, they want the piece back and so it's back. Boom. Sheesh.

Went to see the iMac guy, somewhat painful. Came back and worked on the game, then left for the movie again. So much for it being just down the street. Oh well, didn't expect it to only go an hour.

Saw Blade Runner. Rather slow moving, but the others said it captured the world and spirit of the original. Even if I'll live to see the year it portrays, and we won't have that level of technology at all.

Went to the pizza place by his house after that, then went and watched shattered, I think it was called. Split? Something like that.

With the first book proofread I put the changes in. Now on to book two.

Checked my sites.

Still can't get stupid text to display where I want it in Unity. May have to do what I want a different way.

Went out at 12:30 to meet Sean and company at The Cheesecake Factory for his birthday lunch. That was fine, but I was a bit late to my 2:30 (got there around 3:00) with book guy. Guess what the job was???? Two hours (of pushing broom) fixing his stupid book again. Maybe this is the end of it? One can hope?

Now 5:30 I finally got home, it was raining pretty heavily.

Squeaker got out of his cone somehow. I let them on the breezeway and the next I saw him was in the kitchen, like "oh, did I lose something?" He wasn't licking so I left it. He's been fine as far as I can see.

Looked into some game stuff, but really wasn't in the mood. Puttered around, got ready for tomorrow.

Started re-testing the retested test that we did for the retest after the test (etc.) Had to re-open one of my own bugs. Giuseppe stole it when we were moving it over, and later closed it. Nope, it's still doing exactly the same thing. Nice one. Moron. Otherwise got through most of the email service, and I can finish it up tomorrow. Also made a map of the current machines in the lab as our illustrious lab manager has not done so. Whatever, it was fine.

Otherwise, nothing too spectacular, I wrote today's only bug, and came back here.

Got the "stock market" feature working. Nice! The four elements that are tracked move up and down to show the desired order, and they return their value so the score goes up appropriately as you match pieces. I started putting in the code for the other pieces, just did the energy piece. When you match them your energy goes up instead of down. Nice! Actually was able to sit and play it. Got 189 of the 500 point target, which may be too high at the start. Maybe 150 for the first stage? 100? Hard to say. Maybe 100 for the first is about right, I want to have leftover energy for the second shift. Anyway, it looks great!

It became garbage plate day, and it was super effective. Didn't know that's what it was going to be, but that's what it became. Somehow, despite ordering all in a row the other four people got theirs and ate for like 5 minutes before mine was ready. Weird. Needless to say I didn't have dinner.

Nothing else exciting at work. Finished the service I was doing and started scan to google. Shock and surprise, it's basically exactly as it was before. How about that?

Came back here, assembled the PC I got… uh, last night actually. I saw the UPS truck and thought about checking to see if it was something for me. Then I… didn't. This morning I was like "oh, what about that truck?" There it was.

Got that done, didn't reach him. Two other calls, the dentist guy so you know that's going to be a rocking fun time, and a person with a crashing firefox apparently. So that's the next two days.

Worked on the game. Getting the overdrive/purification crystal level put in was a snap. Now to put in the "chat" window. Haven't found a good method for that yet. May simplify it and just use different colors. I wanted it to look more like a phone chat system. Humph.

Some frustration at work today. Finished up the scan service and went back to Thinprint. We finally had all the pieces so I was going to try making it work. Well, it didn't. And in trying to troubleshoot why the thing I had working before wasn't. Well, finally came to realize it was some "license" error, the thing I had checked first because that's always what it was in the past. But no, it's good until the 31st. So what gives?

At least as I was packing up I got an email suggesting a course of action I think will create the results we want. We'll see tomorrow.

Went to the dentist guy, and did the usual stuff. Not as much bizarre crap this time, thank goodness, but still didn't get out until 6:30.

Made my calls, going to deliver the PC on sunday, which I always love a bunch.

Reworked the elements on the screen for the game, fit them in a bit better.

current board

Naturally the pieces are not going to be left looking like that. Those are just the placeholders. But everything else is fairly finalized.

Baby steps. Tiny, baby steps towards our goal.

Turned out the thing that was suggested was not the miracle we needed. But we forged ahead, looking for other causes. Oh look, we don't have the right version? We're using some 5 update but we needed 6? And the current is somewhere around 13? Sheesh. Fixed that. Didn't help. Mailed the guy the log, we'll see what else he comes up with.

Otherwise at work did another service, at least halfheartedly. Honestly, it's useless at this point.

Went over to my after work job, 25 minutes down 250. Firefox was crashing so I took out some add ons, and it wasn't crashing anymore. Machine has an SSD so running Mbam took about two minutes. Nothing found. Was updating everything and it decided to just sorta hang. Rebooted. Oh, now you're blue screening on me? Great!

Ran some stuff, oh what's that sfc won't work? For "reasons." Wonderful. Guess it's time to reload windows, why not? I backed his stuff up, rebooted again to boot into the flash drive, it didn't, but then decided it was going to boot up again normally. WHAT? I mean that's fine, don't get me wrong. But why did it… in the first place?

I hate windows.

Got home around 7:00 (again) and ate dinner. Made my calls, booked one for saturday morning. Monitor? Tower? Who knows. It's not showing a picture anyway. Great.

Otherwise, to the future! Normal stuff tomorrow for the most part, but not seeing my parents.

Couple of jobs Saturday at this point, no Sean. Then one at least Sunday. Maybe I'll have a chance to work on the game at some point in there?

Hopefully do a little something tonight, but probably won't get too far.

Still fairly warm out, so that's a plus.

See you back here next week. I'll have had my ortho appointment and vet appointment Monday (yeah, that'll be fun, both on the same day) and have my 2 year Xerox anniversary. It'll be a few days until Halloween and two months until Christmas.

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas.