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Oh sure.

22 09 17 - 00:09

Now we get summer.

As expected, not much to do today. Tackled some of the more obscure and stupid stuff, did manage to write some bugs because that's how I roll. Went through the visual specs, wrote up all the minor missing text and somehow the buttons in copy were fixed to be a certain orientation, but now the spec shows they should be the other orientation? Huh?

That's odd.

The last hour I had enough and went to finish chapter 14. I did.

Then went and did the shopping, bought cat food, and saw my father because my mother was in Pennsylvania with my sister. So I invited him for movie night.

Once he was back home I made my one phone call, uselessly doing nothing but reassuring Margret that hitting that update button wasn't going to blow her machine up.

Checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow, and went to bed.

Book guy hasn't gotten back to me yet, I'll have to call him.

Turned out to be only one job, called book guy and he "hadn't gotten my email" so I'm glad I called before heading over there.

Showed the lady how to use the linux machine she had created out of a crappy old Dell, it was crashing on boot and going into some kind of safe mode. So a lot of stuff didn't actually work. Nice one, linux.

Wrote some of chapter 15. Watched the Star Wars 7 again, as I got it and Rouge One because my father was asking about it. So I can have him over sometime to play that.

Went to The Old Toad with Sean, Neil, and John. Had the fish, of course. It was good enough, but the chips? Wow! They were so crisp on the outside, yet still tender on the inside. I had never had them that done to perfection before. So yeah, they were the best.

Got back about 7:30, didn't leave much time, and we still haven't gotten through all of floor 1 yet. Yeah.

Took care of many things today. Updated the craft section of the site as I realized I hadn't done that in two years. Cut the front lawn. Transplanted two shrubs I found. Went to book guy, did the usual there.

Ordered the keyboard for the laptop for the lady yesterday. Took the HDs out of some crappy old laptops I had upstairs. I'm going to whittle them down by taking a few to staples when I get the chance. There's no reason to have a crappy old windowsME laptop around, now is there? Or even XP machines. Even Vista machines are looking a bit iffy at this point. I've got a stack of them, time to make them disappear.

Cleaned a bit, watched some stuff Sean gave me.

Went about as I expected. Just more poking at the software. Found a few things I hadn't transferred over because I hadn't done any of the email service, so those got moved. Anything actually new though? Huh, don't think so, maybe one?

Came back here, took care of some to-do items until 5:45 when I left with squeaker to go to the vet's. He says "lose weight" which I'm sure squeaker will do immediately. Wait, he's a cat. His teeth aren't too bad, but I really need to look into doing something because he doesn't want to put squeaker under because of his heart condition. I thought maybe tuna water with the stuff in it? I change their water every day so most of the tooth stuff you can put into it would be wasted. But if I gave him a drink I knew he would like… they need a powdered drink for cats that's fish flavored.

Came back here, no calls, I must have been good. Checked my sites, got ready for tomorrow.

Finished chapter 15. Taking it in another direction than I thought, because Amon is not an idiot and had a better idea in my world than the one he had in the Korra story. Tee hee hee.

If you're expecting tall tales of adventure at work, you've come to the wrong place. It was just more poking at it. We did load the new payment app. It caused some weird stuff to happen.

We did get invited to a launch party, so we've got this week a half a day friday off, and next week a half a day friday off. At least the company is totally paying for the one on the 29th.

Came back here, after remembering to drop off the three cruddy laptops at Staples to be recycled. Gotta get a few more. Two calls, so I'm going someplace tomorrow. Just to hook up the internet. He says he hasn't had it in three years. Where's he living, under a rock?

Checked my sites, wrote chapter 16, Amon doing the sneaky thing. 58,000 words so far, nice.

Then got ready for tomorrow and bed.

Got a new build today, so the major activity was bug fixes. There were some, and some new bugs to see too. Timer stuff mostly.

Started scan to dropbox, but didn't get too far.

There's some large bins in the front of the building where people are getting rid of stuff. Pulled a wireless mouse out and stuck it in my pocket, then went for a wired one. A lady walked by and said if it was in there it didn't work, so I left it.

She was a lying smegging lying smegging liar. The mouse worked fine, so I didn't need the wired one I guess.

Also grabbed some pizza on the way out so that was dinner.

Went and hooked up the guy's internet, got him upgraded a bit and came back here.

Checked my sites, made my calls, I have two for tomorrow. One is just up the street, a laptop that won't turn on. The other is a BSOD on an old system. Joy.

Watched the tutorial Unity videos. Sean mentioned it, and I had downloaded Unity ages ago but never did anything with it. I upgraded to the latest, and it's a lot like hypercard/Livecode. Just for games. I was rather stunned just how livecode it was, really.

I'm into it because there was this match 3 game I was playing last week, and I'd like to play more but turning on my whole gaming PC to play a 2d match 3 game seems a little much. (This is a game that would run on Mac, but crashes on opening so there's that) So I figured I would try coding up my own, it didn't have to be anything special I just like the specific mechanics of THIS game, and wanted to replicate them. I looked at other match 3 games but it's just not the same.

I have way too many things I want to do, and no time to do them in.

But I have all kinds of time at work, where there's hardly anything for me to do. But attend fifteen minute meetings for an hour and a half. So that's a thing.

Yeah, didn't get much accomplished today, oddly enough. More just poking it and more tomorrow as well.

As well as the escape room and food afterwards. I'll get ThinPrint software if they're still on schedule, but I only have a machine Monday. No big deal, it should be fine.

Went two places, lady with a laptop not powering on. Tried another power adapter, nope. Took out the battery, held the power button, put it back together, it worked. Huh? Odd flashing light pattern when it tried to start up before. So strange.

Then halfway to Sean's, the lady with the BSOD. Her machine was crammed with dust, she blamed the wood stove. Ah, no, the garbage can full of cigarette butts tells a different story, lady. Took out a second antivirus and it perked up. Cleaned it up and that seemed to be that.

But after I got home she said it had happened again. How can I run a machine nearly an hour with no trouble, but she can't leave it sitting and doing nothing? Does that make sense to you? I didn't think so.

Going to turn off sleep/screen saver, see if that does anything. She had to go minutes after she called, so we'll see if she calls back.

Made my other calls, guy with USB ethernet adapter is once again knocked offline. I'll go there after work, I'll basically pass it so it's fine.

Then a customer of mine moved, so she needs her stuff set up again, that's saturday. And I got the keyboard for the laptop, so that can be returned Saturday as well. Not that they're close, they aren't.

Happy first day of autumn tomorrow, it's going to be great. Looks like 80s for the next few days. Nice!

No bank tomorrow, second week a now I just haven't made anything. But I will see my parents and go shopping.

Nothing from Sean as of yet, maybe I'll have my father over to watch Rogue One.

Otherwise, the two places to go Saturday and hopefully no place to go Sunday.

Got ready for tomorrow, checked my sites, was thinking about match 3 today.

Well, that's it for this week, I'll see you all this time next week, when I'll be talking about the half day I'm having at work that friday!