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Getting darker out there

08 09 17 - 01:13

Darker earlier, I mean.

The other two gifts came, and they are great! The set came out exactly as I wanted, and I want a set for myself now.

But starting at the beginning, more poking at the tablet stuff. Did figure out why the snmp commands weren't working, fixed my script, and uploaded it for future me.

Lots of people taking off, both today and tuesday. Parking lot was pretty empty.

Wrote up a bug or two, but that's about it. Until some new stuff goes in, it's done man.

Out to shop, got the stuff for the yummy lunch on Monday. Forget to get cat litter, but my parents reminded me nearly by accident. So I went after I saw them to get some bags. They had all these cute little chicks there! SOOOOO cute.

Back here put all my stuff away. One call, so I have a 10:00 tomorrow, just hooking up a printer because that's so hard.

Checked my sites, did a bit of writing because I figured out the next tiny bit of the story. Finished chapter 13. Lysanias + chi-blocking = very nice!

Let the cleaning begin. Got a good start in the morning before my appointment putting in the latest stack of comics. I don't have many from the metal box left! Yay! But I do have two whole shelves of them to go after that's done! Yipe!

Went out there. Hooked up the printer in about fifteen minutes, then waited an hour for the blasted guy to get home. Finally he did, I figured out his email settings were way out of whack, and left at 12:00. (I had gotten there at 10:00. GURRR)

Once fed I resumed the frenzy, washing the deck, then going room by room and putting stuff away. Picked up stuff off the floor in the living room. I'll do the scrubbing and dusting tomorrow.

No Stan so we're just chilling over at Sean's, he's making his "famous" soup, but I had to go get the 2 key ingredients because he forgot them. Silly Sean!

Mizzy won both games, Red Dragon Inn and Castles. By a fair margin in castles. I was second. Yay! First loser.

Watched some stuff, had yummy soup. A good time was had by all.

Continued the big clean, in accordance with establish policies. Vacuumed everything, went out to get cleanser because whoops didn't have any. Must have used my large bottle of crud cutter up and forgot to check if I had any left. Not a problem, 10 minutes later I had 2.5 gallons of cleaner. Nice.

Washed the kitchen floor, got all the spiderwebs taken care of, scrubbed everything in the bathroom and kitchen. Made lemonade, bacon, tried out the pizza recipe so I knew what I was doing. Got the trash around, put stuff away, etc. You know the drill.

Looked into Mizzy's gift as I got a critical piece of information last night.
Watched some Yuusha Yoshihiko which is a live action parody (of sorts) of dragon quest. Then I wanted to play more FF3, so I did. Companies put millions into making shader engines and video cards, I'm sitting here playing emulated 16 bit sprite games. Finally saved Cid! All the times I've played this game I thought Cid dying was sort of scripted. Nope, you can actually save him. Thanks, internet!

That was about it. Ready for the final push tomorrow? I better be.

Got almost everything done, so a big thank you to my parents for their help once again this year. The only thing that didn't cooperate was the rug washing machine. Silly rug washing machine!

After that was all done I watched a few more Yuusha episodes and played some more FF3.

Back to work tomorrow, summer is over.

Some unexpected work at work, but that's just fine. Came in with finishing the thinprint stuff in mind. I did. Even found a few more things to write up, like the help page not working (sigh) and something else I forget now. Huh.

Anyway, got asked by Sue to help her out, figuring out the differences between audit logs for the two products. Not a problem, except it was. But we finally figured out how to put the settings in (read: Chris found out how to put the settings in) and I fulfilled that request. Go me!

Know how many bugs my brave companions wrote during my absence? There are three of them, remember. ONE. Good effort fellows.

Out to my crashing laptop. Didn't crash doing the thing she said, but I did see it crash elsewhere, referencing his 2006 ethernet card driver. *shakes head* Yes, it was a crappy old vista laptop, how did you know? Found an update for them (only 7 years old) and reloaded the antivirus, which was consuming 100% of one CPU. Why was this task not threaded? But I suppose if it had been, it would have consumed both CPUs so I should be thankful it wasn't?

Back here a little after 6:00, one call, didn't reach him.
Ate dinner, then utterly failed to model Mizzy's gift. Huh. The dimensions of this tiny stuff just throw me off. I got the diameter right, but then the edges seemed too small. Well, I know how to begin at least a little better tomorrow, right? And I'm doing it way early so there's lots of time to screw it up.

Back into it. Got a new build, had some fixes so we checked that out. Had some meetings too. A very long 15 minute meeting from 10:30 to 12:15. Yup, 15 minutes. Neat.

Then out to set up a printer, so, so hard I must pay someone else to do it. Checked his machine over, it was fine.

Back here about 6:15, finished Yuusha, it was okay. A few calls, but didn't reach anyone.

Correction, she called me back. Was on the phone a half hour to read a short list of programs to see how many she would lose going from 10.6 to a newer OS. I'm being punished for something, I know. Anyway, booked her for tomorrow to do the upgrade.

And it's 9:00. Sigh.

Worked on Mizzy's gift, did not give up in disgust this time, so progress?

Started the office depot testing which is exactly the same as the other tablet testing I've done for years only with more bugs. I only got about 45 minutes with it, but there were some oddities. Mostly because of meetings, and doing the setup, and such. So I didn't really have it until the very end of the day.

Not much else of note, really.

After work job went fine. Better than I expected, but about as slow. Went from 10.6 to 10.11 in one swoop, and I just realized I forgot to set her clock back. Whoops. Well, maybe it went back to checking via internet time? You see, if you leave the clock it tell you the package is corrupt. But if you turn back the clock, boy howdy it works. Something about certificates, I guess? Stupid on Apple's part, it's the last OS she can actually use, let her install it!
At least I know the trick.

Did a bunch of other stuff as that slowly installed. I do have to hand it to windows, it does install quickly now. Of course I'm always installing it on SSDs so I have no idea how fast it installs otherwise.

On the way home found a cute stuffed, uh, white lion? Not sure what it is. Some drill bits, screws, hanging hooks, and a mess of coax cable. Thanks, garbage pile!

Back here I ate dinner, reached the person from yesterday, finished up the prototype of Mizzy's gift. Nice! Once she sees it and offers opinion on <physical characteristics> I can order the final. Not exactly christmasy, but what else can I do? It needs to <have certain physical characteristics that match her> and I'm working off the barest minimum of information here. She will get her pick of material, but not palatinum which is $1,000+. Sheesh, what's it made of, gold? Wait a second...

Weekend plans- not working? We'll see, but no appointments as of yet. No Sean invite as of yet either, though the plan was to do something this saturday. Pyre. Guess we'll see. Bank and shopping tomorrow as usual. Then seeing my parents.

Hopefully some FF3 and then writing at the very least Sunday.

One week into September, hope it's treating you well. See you all next week. Stay safe out there.