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More lost planet 2

29 03 11 - 21:00

Is what we played last night

And while I had a little time to write before I went to bed, not much interesting happened, so I just said, eh. Still, yesterday was busy, so let's recap.


Shopping, normal. The first job was again, that weird Avast not making things easy "bug". Cleaned and updated the machine as normal. Then over to York, Larry couldn't log into any machine but the physical, main one. (they have those weird terminal things I've never seen anyone else be stupid enough to use) Well, I saw there was some kind of "deactivated" user still logged in from someplace, and forced him off. Then it worked again. Also a machine in the back lost its settings somehow, so I put them back. Worthless.

Then to a guy who somehow had four separate iPhoto libraries. I really dislike iPhoto, you know that? Always have. I suppose if it was the only photo manager out there, it would be okay, but it isn't. Picasa is so much better, and if he had used that from the start, none of his problem would have happened. 

And then the last was just a boring old cleanout. 


See, told you it wasn't anything exciting.


Today, much the same story. My first one was just Rebath. My thinking is, if you're going to be using a tool for your job, like Excel, it would behove you to learn about that tool, rather then just punching numbers in, so if you wanted some change made you could do it. But hey, I'm happy to take your money. 

Then to see a freak. A tall, tall freak. Well, he was pretty tall, anyway. With a very nice golden retriever. He just had a run-of-the-mill fake anti-virus that went down in one hit, and then to "stall" for time I updated everything and ran some more scans. Took off MSE because it was a single processor machine and put on Avast! instead. Oiled his quite noisy power supply fan and that was that. 

The next one was supposed to be Thursday, but he called last night to see if I could come today, and I figured I might as well. So that's what I did. I even didn't regret it for at least ten minutes. Oh yes, how my hatred of windows burned ever higher, as minutes ticked into hours, yes, three hours, can it be true? It was the old "file is missing or corrupt" hal.dll file. I ran checkdisk, I ran an XP "repair" which seemed to work, but then obsessed over "activation" rather then "working" and just sort of got stuck at a screen of nothing. So then I just loaded from scratch into a new folder. There's one lesson to take away kids- wear sunscreen. 


You know what the lesson is,  I don't have to tell you.


Got home at 8:30ish, only a couple of calls and I didn't even reach 2/3 of them. Sigh. Oh well. So nothing scheduled for tomorrow just yet. Perhaps I'll go back to working on the comic helper?


Reading Mistborn now, it's pretty good. A very unique power, and he uses it well. 


March is swiftly coming to a close, hope you're prepared for.... April! 


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go "burn" some "tin".