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Come on Rainbow!

23 03 11 - 23:41 What, did Skydancer beat Starlight this year?

So you had to give Stormy another week of "playtime"? Or has the Diamond Planet apocalypse come at last?
You people have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? Go back to the 80s!
So, yeah. Work today, tra laa laa. The first one was a little puzzling, for some reason Avast! was just crushing down the performance of the little lifebook she had. Couldn't figure it out, but turned it off, and it sped up! Huh. Loaded the latest version and it was fine.
Then over to set up two new machines for one guy, in two locations. This took me a bit longer then I expected and made me late for my third one. Finally sold that USB to Serial adapter I've had kicking around forever. Oddly, the drivers hadn't been updated since the windows 2000 era, but loading them worked anyway. He had this hacked together serial connector he uses to monitor temperature or something from this cable that comes from the ceiling. Professional! He just took over management of the location, so he's not "hip" to all the past goings on. Good luck.
Then back to John's, hooking up his new router, he had moved the computer from the kitchen area, to the basement, then upstairs. That's fine, I don't care where it is. Of course, his questions were longer then I expected as well, making me leave later then I wanted.
Because by that time (4:30?) it had been snowing the whole time I was there making the roads so fun, indeed! 390N was all choked up with cars for no discernible reason I could see. Probably an accident that happened an hour before and 50 miles away, propagating back endlessly forever. Very, very snowy. Finally got there, like over an hour late, fun. He had a weird Avast! problem too. But a different problem, one part of Avast! was using 100% of his CPU meaning pretty much nothing else was going to happen on that machine. I removed it and reloaded it, and that was that. Until he was like, oh yeah, I get redirected in Google, and I was like, thanks for telling me. So then I had to run combofix for almost an hour (honestly, his machine (that I sold him some years ago) is better then his old Packard Bell, but not by much). At least he has road runner now and not Juno dial up.
So it was about 8:30 by the time I got home. Made my one phone call and grabbed up my package, which I haven't opened but suspect is the motherboard for the system currently apart on my downstairs table, so I'll be doing that tomorrow for sure. Finally ate dinner at 9:00, which is fine as I ate lunch around 2:00. My one appointment is at 3:00, so plenty of time for more snow to accumulate.
Watched the one very badly subtitled and one not so badly subtitled Dragon Ball movies, and now I'm going to bed, it's been a long day!
24 hours long, to be almost exact, give or take a few seconds or so. I do have some Garfields without to give you, and I really need to write more Dragon Warrior, and clean around here, and...
what was I saying?