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Busy again

22 03 11 - 20:23 Someone is toying with me.

No entry for yesterday, I was up a bit later then I wanted watching the end of Supernatural. 
Shopping of course on Monday. Somehow the bank teller made the same mistake I did when adding my checks the first time, she told me the total, which was right, then said she was wrong it was something else. We must have both put in a 43.20 check twice somehow. Otherwise, mailed my taxes in, finally dropped off my ink cartridges for this month, and that was that.
The first job was in a spice shop, didn't know spices were that big to need a whole shop, but I guess they are. Nothing too great, just plugging in their ethernet cables, installed anti-virus on them, that sort of thing. I was done in an hour.
Visited Lou, gave him his paper folder back. The only manual I could find was adjusting the timing, which didn't seem to do anything no matter what position I put the bar in. Huh.
Then last I answered some questions for a long time customer and got their shared printer, well, shared again.
Then today, over to see Stewart, who thought our appointment was at 11:30, not 10:30, so I waited for him a half hour. The person that replaced his laptop HD split it into two pieces like an idiot, one tiny C drive and a much bigger D drive. I wanted to redo it, but it wouldn't read CDs reliably, so that plan was out. So I just loaded his security stuff and told him to save anything to the D drive. Honestly, people, think about what you're doing. Stuff should make sense, you know? He said it wasn't a big deal, he wasn't putting much on there anyway. Removed a virus from his other machine. 
Then to set up a new laptop (which I didn't know) and just check on the desktop, which was fine.
Came home for like an hour, then to a crappy dell machine that won't load Avast. Well, it'll load, but not run properly. I of course tried it previously, but it was awhile ago, so I forgot and tried it again because the Security Essentials is too intense for a single processor machine. No luck. I was going to try AVG again, hoping they had perhaps gotten their act together after version 8 went down the tubes, but the 2011 version was going to download ~112 MB for the installer, which I thought was a bit crazy for an anti-virus. So I put MSE back on, and you'll just have to suffer with it guy. Get a new PC already.
Other minor things to report:
Finished His Dark Materials, now reading through all the magazines I've gotten in past months I haven't read.
Playing FF8, no real trouble so far!
Worse weather on the way, thanks "spring".
Four appointments tomorrow, and one for the 31st of all times. Lot of running around tomorrow I'm afraid.
And I think that's it! Until tomorrow, everyone, do a silly walk.