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It works!

18 03 11 - 20:36 I am quite pleased at how it turned out.

But perhaps some context? I have just finished the KC Munchkin modification to the Maze Muncher screen saver and it seems to work great! The dots, monsters, and KC himself all move about the maze. It occurs to me that two days ago I neglected to mention exactly what KC Munchkin was. Imagine, if you will, it's about the time the popular Pac Man game hits the arcades. Other companies want to replicate this success, one in particular. They made a maze game, not unlike Pac Man, but which only had twelve dots. The catch was, these dots moved about the maze. Of course, this innovation did not save them from a lawsuit, because even then, lawsuits were fun, exciting thing that could bring companies money with no effort at all. So while the home version of Pac Man for the Atari was stinking up the place (because it was crap) a few copies of KC Munchkin were sold and enjoyed. 
So, in version 1 of the screensaver, the dots, ghosts, etc were just a skin, meaning Pac Man and KC looked and felt exactly the same. No longer! Now, KC fans can watch the dots run away from KC like tiny mice being chased by cats. Looking at it, the movement of the dots (the number of which equals the horizontal size of the maze, just to pick a number that's reasonable) would not have been possible in version 1, redoing the graphics engine in Core Animation was required. It still seems a bit sluggish at 1920 x 1080 resolution with the smallest possible maze size, there's a LOT of  dots moving around. And my machine is pretty powerful. Wonder how easily I could use grand central dispatch and make it multiprocessor aware? Thing is, Core Animation by itself is, so I'm not sure what it would gain me. Ah, nothing. I just remembered my "wallsaver" program that turns the background picture into the screensaver, and my four processors were equally at 2 bars of activity out of 20, so it's NOT CPU bound by any stretch of the imagination. This is so cool to watch...
Sorry, lost my focus for a second there.
So yeah, that's what I did today, apart from the one appointment which turned out to be Frontier's problem after all, though I did update her stuff so I felt I deserved a little of her money. And grandma, and seeing Mom.
Now I think I shall play some more Oblivion, which is what I did last night, so there.
I do still have a little work to do, the preview window for the screensaver doesn't show up right, so I'm missing a little code there, but it's 95% done I think at this point, barring any major bugs being discovered as I watch it here.
No calls today but Lou again, weird. Oh well, still three for tomorrow, and plenty of time for calls in the next two days!
Have that great weekend you thought about yesterday.