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OMG Ponies!

16 03 11 - 21:16 Unicorns and everything!
Maybe you've seen this floating around, maybe not. Very well done.
Took me awhile to figure out how to embed it, turns out youtube now gives some kind of iframe which pivot doesn't like. I had to switch it back to the "old" way in the youtube code, and take out some other option before it worked, but work it does now!
Far from making me want to play Starcraft 2 more, I now want to see Ponies. What does that say about me?
So, today? Two done, one that I can't save, so I ordered them a new motherboard and hope it's that. I'm pretty sure it is, his capacitors are starting to leak and it's usually not the processor in this case. Of course I couldn't find an exact match, hopefully Vista is better about booting on a different motherboard then XP was.
Then over to see about some quickbooks shenanigans. The folder had the icon like it was shared, but wasn't, in fact, shared. Odd. Then I had to redo the path to the files as they seemed to not be where the other machine expected them anymore. Simple.
Driving down Portland Ave (listening to disk one of FF7 Lifestream, nach) I saw many, many businesses boarded up. Not pretty. And it's not like they're low traffic areas, people were walking all over the place down there. Weird.
Lots of calls tomorrow. Some people just don't have the circuitry in their heads to work around things. John calls me, oh, can you come tonight? Well, no, you see that wouldn't be fair to the six people that called ahead of you, John, because if I was going to go out at 7:30 at night, I would go out to the first person to call me, not the last. So he's like, how about tomorrow morning. I offer 9:30, because that's when I start working. Any earlier and traffic is just too bad, taking me much longer to get anywhere and costing me time and gas. He comes back with, what about 8:00? No John, you see, it's called my business hours are 9:30 until pretty much as late as you want, then 7:00-9:00 talking to idiots on the phone. So when I say, 9:30, you do not counter with an earlier time. It's not a bidding war. You don't walk into your bank before it opens, now do you? But as I need the money I agreed to 8:00. But google maps says it'll take me 20 minutes to get there, and I'm leaving promptly at 7:40. If there's traffic, and I'm late, too freaking bad. 
Not a morning person. Last time I got up even remotely that early was to go with Sean to Canada last year. Not going to be a good day tomorrow.
I have three more after that too, finally getting my laptops back at 5:00 from the lady in Mendon. So I hope to be home by... 6:30.
Where were all you people when I had nothing to do weeks ago? No, everybody has to have it down NOW, along with everyone else.
Three for Saturday booked already too. That's the limit there, the last one is in freaking Hamlin, a 40 minute drive, which will also be soooo good. I'll probably end up driving from there to Sean's for the game this week, another half an hour, but at least it's a relatively straight line.
I know, I'm happy to have the work, but how does someone forty minutes away even get my number? 
In happier news I finished the graphics for the lock-n-chase theme for the screensaver, and it looks good. I have a plan to make KC Munchkin a little more authentic by turning the pellets into characters that move about the maze. That should be easy, as I just loop through the array of characters and say "you. Move" so there shouldn't be any more code there, what's there will just consider them more "ghosts" and move them about the maze. The code additions will be to check if KC hit a monster or a dot and react appropriately, and leaving the normal dots out of the maze. Should be easy. (famous last words)
Bring Back the Sun, but at least we'll be above 55 possibly tomorrow!
Well, don't mind me, just have to go get ready for bed for my absurd wake up time tomorrow. Wish me luck.