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Another killer day

11 03 11 - 00:07 Girly Man!

Sorry, inside joke. 
At least I got some calls today, even if they were mostly useless. I have two for tomorrow, one guy who is always messing his Macs up somehow, and someone with an apparent printer issue or hookup or something. Better then nothing.
Which is what we basically had today! Just the one job, the laptop which was brought here, so at least I didn't have to drive anyplace, and I sold him a router. He just wanted it looked over, nothing was really wrong, so I just updated stuff and answered questions.
To keep myself busy I went over all the tax stuff I need for Sunday, printed forms, and went over last years results to make sure I had everything. I swept water away from the driveway as it was very slushy.
I finally got around to looking at a very nice, but very old, wide format scanner someone gave me years ago. Hooked it up to the laptop. It moved, but the light was really weak and it didn't actually scan anything. I don't have the power supply, I used what I had. It needed 15V 1A but all I could supply was 9v 1A which should have been enough? The Amp is the main consideration from what I understand. So that can be tossed.
Also looked up and tore apart a broken touch screen LCD but buying the panel would be about $150 so not worth it there.
Still trying to get an updated version of the software that makes my phone system work installed on a newer machine. It sees my telephone card but I have no luck in actually getting it to be configured. Weird. I'm downloading a slightly older version and will try that next. Still newer then mine, which was 1.2 or something, this is 2.6.
It's not that I'm unhappy with it, but it sometimes does drop calls when people are leaving messages, and it's been running continuously for maybe 5-6 years now, it won't last forever. So better to mess with a new machine when I still have the old one to fall back on, in my opinion.
Set the time for putting in the wireless card (next thursday at 5:00, ugh) and changed my Monday LCD replacement to Saturday at 11:00.
Oh, and I made two more Without comics, seen below!
Such a good kisser
Wonder if I'm a good kisser? The world may never know.
What are you looking at?
I think John is very, very upset with the floor right now. Or he dropped and broke something he really, really liked.
Hey, take a look at this: Rwarrrr!
It's coming to kill us all!
I also relisted the speakers, thought about anything else I could list (didn't come up with anything).
Oh yeah, also got a bill in the mail that said I owed zero dollars from my security company. Bizarre, they've never sent my anything before like this. I would have sent it back with a check for zero dollars, but it would have taken a stamp, and it might be opened by a robot, and they have no sense of humor at all.
How much?
Well, it's Friday now, so I think I'll be going. No game this week, so I might be back to write an entry... later today?
Here's hoping my jobs tomorrow take me longer then I think...
Wow, only two days now.