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Who traded sun?

09 03 11 - 19:49 For all this yuck?

That's what I'd like to know. But could it be almost fifty tomorrow? Ask me two days from now.

Got three packages today. Lost Planet 2 to play with Sean and Neil, acquired from Goozex the game trading service. One CD/Floppy drive set (I only needed the CD) for the old laptop I have. And the wireless card for the G4 mac mini owned by the lady who currently holds my laptops. So as part of the daily activities I figured out why it wasn't loading up Win98 (faulty RAM module) and installed Win2k in it's place. I didn't realize, but PCs went for ages (and ages) without ethernet. When early PPC machines from Apple had ethernet ports you tend to forget PCs of the era didn't. So this silly laptop does not. Oh well, I think I'll put it in place of Mizzy's when I get hers back, it can do the same job of repairing NTFS file system errors the better one can do, and I'll find a more suitable task for the better machine. 

Anyone need a spare floppy drive?

As far as work goes, I talked to the owner of a very slow compaq and told him that, as iPads are faster then his machine and his 5400rpm HD was extremely pathetic, there was not much I could do. But don't worry, I may have talked him into a Mac.

I then gave back Dan's laptop and came home.

I finished another chapter of the Rational Dragon Warrior's Tale, in which our unnamed hero learns his first magic spell and wonders why. Remember, you can find the story in the Links, just to your left there.

If all went well, Mizzy is visiting her relatives, hope the trip went okay.

Only one call today, some crazy rambling thing about trying to make a list in Word or something. So just the previously scheduled job tomorrow, performed here. So much for business improving.

Well, I'm off to taste the sky.