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A normal day

07 03 11 - 22:32 For whatever passes as normal around here.

First, the good news: I made .07 cents interest! Yes, indeed, putting that money into my lately unused secondary account has paid off in a big way. I used to use Paypal to store my tax monies that I collected, but the continuing stories and three day delay to get any money out of there has caused me to switch back to the account I originally set up to store funds to replace chibi-kuruma. It was not long until those funds were needed and the account has lain fallow since that time. No longer. Now with my seven cents I shall take over the world! 
Otherwise, the shopping went fine, caught a check not dated properly, because filling out a date, an amount, an amount written out, and a signature sometimes prove too much for people. So that was a disaster averted.
Onto the first job, yes, just as I thought, a backlight problem. However, unexpectedly the replacement was not as much as I feared, and the repair seems simple enough, as I don't have to tear the whole laptop apart to get at it. It was the world's worst website though, the monitor (an old 15" crt I brought over) only displayed at 1024x768, cutting off about 1/3 of the right side of the website. Note to web developers: just because you and I have 27" monitors doesn't mean the rest of the world does. It was slightly amusing to watch her struggle to comprehend what was going on, as apparently having to scroll horizontally was just too much to process. But we managed it. Hopefully the service is better then the site.
Came back home for a bit, it was so very nice and sunny out, couldn't help but take a reading on the solar engine. With 80 degree air coming out the pipe (a 50 degree rise I might add) the room itself warmed to possibly 65-68 up from 60. Not too shabby.
Then out to see Stewart. Got him all straightened out, two laptops and one desktop. He finally has DSL at the business, making some things easier.  
Couple of calls, again just talking people through stuff. But I do have Rebath to go see tomorrow, followed by my buddy Lou, who has "got another computer I want to hook up". Should be a blast, and I'm not talking about a quarter stick of dynamite, forty feet of fuse, and KABOOM!
And what's this, a temperature hovering around 40 degrees the rest of the week? Melting snow seems a fine idea to me.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must go and figure out purple.