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Keeps getting better

04 03 11 - 14:53 By better in this context I mean worse

Turns out my laptops were stolen after all. Just heard back from Amy, the last place I used them, she doesn't see them there. 
On 3/3 I went to go see the Mac guy and walked around the car to grab my laptop bag and bring it in. No laptop bag. I had used them two days before, 3/1 at night, as you know. So at somepoint Wednesday, some bastard walked up to my car, looked into it, somehow managed to look past all the crap I have in there, opened the side door, wrestled the laptop bag out (trust me, it was always a struggle because I also have a spool of ethernet wire and the vacuum cleaner right where it is, and there were two laptops in one bag making it too bulky even to close) closed the door and walked away.
For a couple of absolutely worthless laptops. No, really, each one was broken in various ways, but still useful enough to warrant lugging around for those times I needed the specific functionality they provided. Of course one was the one Mizzy gave me, also giving it a sentimental value.
As it was not at Amy's place, and I know I used it there, and I did NOT use it the next day, and it sure isn't around here now, what other conclusion can I draw?
So I hope you enjoy them, asshole. If I wasn't a witch I might wish some kind of fiery damnation down upon you for stealing my property. As I am, I will take a small bit of comfort in knowing that you will eventually suffer three times the anguish I did for your act against me. 
Honestly, I don't even know how anyone could have recognized a laptop bag among all the junk in the back of my car. But my shiny GPS unit was left alone? What? I suppose that may have been more suspicious? I don't know.
Guess I'll finally do something with Thary's machine and just tape the broken screen down really well. I really need a Mac sometimes though, for Firewire disk mode. Maybe once business picks up I can grab a cheap iBook off ebay. Wait, did iBooks have Firewire ports? Hummm.
Even the yummy cupcake I just baked for GM Appreciation day did little to comfort me. I am quite... angry.
One job today, a long one, some crappy machine. Used to be owned by the Strathallan I guess? But when why where there two accounts there, "litljon" and "Q"? And as there was no antivirus it was really, really bad. And it started slowing wayyyyyy the heck down and I was like, aaarrggg but then I realized, wait, before it "wasn't being used" at wherever, it was someplace else, and sure enough the inside was filthy, blocking off the heatsink fan. Ugh.
Sean's tonight. Two for tomorrow.
Now I go to frost more cupcakes!
Oh, and trying to claim it as theft on my insurance? I think my deductible is more then the cost of direct replacement units, so why even bother?  

5:30 return home, car in garage


3/2 9:30-10:00 104 Gasslight Ln

10:00-10:15 transit

10:15-11:15 home

11:15-11:30 transit

11:30-12:10 25 Circle St

12:10-12:25 transit

12:25-2:30 home

2:30-2:45 Transit

2:45-4:00 97 Tree Brook Dr

4:00-4:15 transit

4:15-         garage




9:30 Check car, no laptops



Black laptop bag

1) G4 550Mhz Apple Mac laptop. Replacement Value ~$200

     no markings but wireless didn't work, case was falling apart

2) Toshiba Satellite. Replacement value ~$250

     Apple sticker, partial Skull sticker on top. Duct Tape on power adapter cord.

3) Firewire 800 cable ~$20

4) Video adapter cable ~$30

6) Various other cables (ethernet, USB) ~$40 
Starting out a great month, don't you agree!?