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02 03 11 - 22:53 of what you come here for?

So, the setting up of a "router" turned into setting up a printer. Not really the same, but okay. Very odd thing too, it would see the wireless, connect to it (as did my iPod) but no IP address would be assigned. I rebooted it a couple of times and it seemed fine after that. Huh.
New iPads? Yes, yes indeed. Do I want one, even double it's cores more then before? Eh. Still don't really see the point, but they seem to be a big hit for Apple, not sure why. Though most people don't have a desktop (hackintosh), another desktop (iMac, now downstairs) a laptop (macbook mini), another laptop (my old g4), and another laptop (Mizzy's machine) and yes, even another laptop (From Thary, that girl I dated once who moved back to Florida that has the hinge broken clean off, still not sure what to do with it) floating around to use. Do you think I have too many computers around here?
Went to go see about the crazy laptop. For some reason the fan wasn't spinning! Of course there's one screw you can't get at, making you need to disassemble the entire thing to change it. I vowed to find an easier solution (because I am lazy) and took it with me.
Answered a call for a Win2k user, don't see too many antiques in my line of work. I think there are two, no maybe three people I work for still using 2000. *shakes head* Thought I had it done but then it shut off on me, after messing the network connection up. Then it shut off again right after that! I replaced the power supply and it seemed fine. Hardly seems worth it to keep such an old machine running.
When I was home I scrounged around for a fan to make sure it really WAS the fan and not the connector or the MB itself. Good thing I did, too. It wasn't the fan. I found a program from 2007 that would force the fan to spin, and it did, meaning it must be the temperature sensor or something. Though it seems to record the temp. just fine, just not turn the fan on properly at the right temp. So I just said "always spin slow" and that seemed to do it. Better to have it cooler then warmer anyway. And this way I don't have to take it apart! 
And that was that. Got two more calls, so along with Mac guy I am returning the laptop, giving Bob his glasses I ordered for him, and seeing a lady about a cleanout. Whew, business looks like it's improving. 
Only eleven days now!
Don't forget, Friday is GM appreciation day, give your GM a big kiss (gender and familiarity appropriate) on the day!
And pray for warmer weather, we need all the help we can get.