Read about the Trails and Tribulations of the Computer Repair Guy who hates Windows. You'll laugh, you'll cry, because the stories are real and IT'S NOT HAPPENING TO YOU!

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Look, another rant!

01 03 11 - 21:38 Against windows. Isn't it just the cutest thing?

So the morning started pretty well. I did paperwork so I could send in my yearly collected tax money. Worst. Month. Ever. Last month. Half what I usually make, ugh. Somehow even taking out from paypal and the savings account didn't leave me with much after sending in my $2000 check. I'm very careful about putting that money aside too. Of course having so many bad weeks in a row didn't help. Good thing I'm working again this week.
Got a couple of hours in the morning out of the heater, but it clouded up again so that was that.
Also posted a new page detailing the heater construction and chapters four and five of the dragon warrior story. Are you reading that too or what? DO IT NOW.
Out at three, just one 'o them crazy fake antivirus products. No problem.
It's the one after that which IRKed me to no end. Machine BSOD right? But that's even after a factory restore! So, factory settings cause windows to crap out? What? Did all kinds of tests. HD test just made it go crazy, didn't even finish booting so that was no help. But it passed after putting it into Mizzy's old machine so it wasn't that. What was bugging me was that linux worked. I installed it, worked great. Wireless, sound, video driver, ethernet, mouse, keyboard, all worked fine. So what was causing the blue screen? So I was like, yeah, use linux. The display was loose, (laptop) you had to kind of press it down in the middle part to get any signal. Great. Pretty new machine too, running Win7.  Owned by a kid, maybe he dropped it or something. Still. Why does one OS work and another crap out before it's even booted? I tried turning everything off in the BIOS too, most machines don't let you go that far, but I had control of wireless, bluetooth, USB, the whole bit. Didn't help. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love being a turtle. 
Wait, no, I hate windows! That was it. 
So I came home a bit late. Several calls, but only two appointments tomorrow and one for Wednesday morning.
Tomorrow: Set up a router (five minutes, you really can't handle this, guy?) and some bizarre laptop thing, again, please stop buying laptops, people. K tnks bye.
Wednesday: actually a Mac! The finder isn't loading I guess. Was he the germaphobe from years ago? Kind of sounded like him. Oh well, right now I'd happily hear from Ellen. Well, maybe not happily. He was kind of a moron, as I recall. More so then most, I mean. 
What the heck is with stocks today? Every single one on my little ticker down 1-3%. Weird.
Nothing more to see here, back to your lives now. Shuu. Shuuuu!