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Book: Proofreading Lysanias' Chronicles Book 2.

Game: Working on Element Mining, a match 3 game I made.

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh (carried in briefcase)
Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro (main machine)
2009 MacBook Pro (used for tabletop gaming)
Custom Built 8-core AMD Gaming PC
Mac Mini (Downstairs, used for maps)

Here is the page for all my one off projects.
Some to sell, some to give as gifts, and even some to keep.
I have a driving need to create stuff, I'm just so bad at it.
Ah well, I keep plugging away.

Valentine's gift 2018

This was my mother's gift for this Valentine's day. I slightly screwed up the painting because I can't do anything right, but it came out okay.
Repaired Knife

Projector Screen

Made this in a surprisingly short time, out of wood I already had and material I got on sale. It all worked out beautifully, and it looks a lot better than when I was just projecting onto the wall.
Repaired Knife

Cat Playground

My neighbor threw this away, probably too lazy to finish it, which is a shame for him but good for me. I was not. I turned it from the top picture to the bottom. Finding the rope was surprisingly hard. The carpet my parents had, thanks!
before the makeover

after the makeover


This counts, I'm putting it here. I found this by the side of the road. The handle was all broken. I fixed it by wrapping it with black wire, which I glued down. I think it looks good. Used all the wire I had to do it.
Repaired Knife

Valentine's day gift

I gave this to my mother one year, it came out okay I guess. I actually took this picture at her house because I forgot to take one before I wrapped it. I'm so dumb.
Standing Heart

Mizzy Gift 2016

This was Mizzy's gift Christmas of 2016. Various bits of jewelry that represent the four generals and Tuxedo Mask from sailor moon.
Sailor Moon Jewelry

Mizzy Gift 2015

This was Mizzy's gift Christmas of 2015. A mug with various video game symbols on it I made via shapeways. It has the vault symbol on the inside
mug front

mug inside

A confused SOLDIER

Inspired by a poster I saw, this then became more 3D. Somewhat more simple than the ones you'll see lower down, as it had way less pieces. Still, it came out pretty well I guess. Made to sell.
Very excited for the remake

Under The Sea

Of the 3D paper projects you will see as you scroll down, this one was made second to last and even created a feeling of 78% satisfaction. The highest ever! Made to sell.
The human world is a mess

Sonic Rainboom

This one I didn't have a pattern for, I just sort of made it. It came out okay, but the site I got the inspiration to try this from does it far, far better. Made to sell.
20% cooler

Let it Go

I do try. Really I do. The original I, uh, "borrowed" the pattern from looked much better. Made to sell.
The cold actually does bother me

Hello Traveler

Everyone's? favorite robot, Claptrap. From the borderlands series, seen here as cardstock and made 3D to pop out of the frame. Made to sell.
If I had any friends


These came out way too huge. Whoops. It's trying, every time I submit something to shapeways it's "thin walls" or something. So I try to make everything extra thick. Plus trying to work with something in a virtual space meant for building cityscapes when I'm trying to model something that would fit on the ears of someone walking about that cityscape, is somewhat frustrating. (Frankly I'm shocked I got the Aerith staff, seen lower down, the right proportions) Made these for Mizzy's birthday.
Cult of the Vault

It's Cold Outside

Made this for Sean. 3D printed by shapeways, painted and modeled by me. I've seen some miniatures painted so this looks like crap. Oh well.
Jupiter Mining Ship


It was always annoying to me, when I bought my copy of Lunar 2 for the Playstation, I got everything but the pendent. So I made my own. Printed in sandstone by shapeways.


Aerith, from Final Fantasy 7, gets her best weapon instead of her starting weapon. 3D modeled by me and printed in colored sandstone by shapeways.

An Inspirational Message

And the third made after the original sold. I think it sends a good message, but as Bob the Angry Flower has taught us, "You can't change people, and it's useless to try." Made to sell.
Read or die!

Flutershy painting

Talk about a painted pony. I can see where various techniques were used to make the original digital picture I used for making this would have made this better. If I paint another I might give it a try. The trouble with my experimenting is what happened with the yellow that I used to make the shadow. I added black to yellow, and I mean a drop of the stuff, and it turned green. But having nothing else for it I used it. I then went over and over it again with yellow as that stuff was basically transparent. That got it to where I was mostly happy with it. But if it hadn't worked out I would have ruined the whole thing. I guess I need to just take some paper, try a technique out, and then apply it if it works. So I kept this one simple, and it sort of works. The board I was using totally warped though, didn't expect that. Made to sell.
Fluttershy, she's so shy!

Yarn Rainbow Dash "Painting"

I made this in about a day, part of an evening and all of the next morning. The source was this same picture, only it was just something someone drew, rather than a physical object. I wanted to see if it would make the transition. I guess it worked out pretty well. Made to sell.
Rainbow Dash Yarn Painting

Portal Turret

This was assembled from pieces printed from Shapeways, and painted by me. You can tell by the crappy brushwork and low attention to detail. Made for Mizzy's birthday. A dog knocked it off a table and broke part of it. Hopefully it got glued back on.
mizzy's turret

Angel Mace

This was painstaking assembled from about 12 pieces after being printed on my Makerbot Replicator. It's an interpretation of the weapon, held by the Dominion angel in the Demongate High rulebook. Created for Neil's birthday, he was playing a character who had that type of angel as his guardian.
Smashing you with love

Harry Potter Wands

Ugh, these. There was a guide I saw for making wands, right? "Use Hot Glue, just roll it up, it's so easy!" They looked amazing! So there's me, sitting there thinking to myself Ah, but what if I used clay instead? Wouldn't I be able to do better because I could take more time to make them? Nope. They suck, and we all know it. Made to sell.
Ugh, one looks like a turd, for crying out loud.

Demongate High Uniform Jacket

This was Sean's Christmas gift that year. Didn't turn out too badly, given I totally winged just about all of it. The collar I stole from my Sailor Moon costumes, and reshaped. The jacket I stole from my Techi jacket. With some modifications, here it is. Later reveled to me that I had mirrored it, proving once again that no matter how careful I am (and I agonized over the position, let me tell you) I can't do a darn thing right. That, and I can't tell left from right. I blame my mother.
Here is the front of the jacket

Here is the back of the jacket

Mass Effect Gun

This was Mizzy's Christmas gift that year. I detail every freaking step of the way elsewhere on the site. Messed this one up so badly, too. So, so badly. But a bunch of money later, it finally turned out okay in the end. Probably my best work?
From the game Mass Effect

Fenrir Statue

This was Neil's Christmas gift that year. It's probably cheating to include this, but what the heck. I modeled the sword, didn't I? And bought the ribbon! Actually I found the ribbon, probably left over from making Sailor Moon costumes. I searched for a wolf statue that didn't just look like a scaled down wolf. This one included a skull, giving him the sense that this was a statue of a massive wolf, not just a regular wolf. Ferir, of course, is the great wolf that has Tyrfing stuck in his mouth and is the strongest creature in existence. He and Ewan have an "It's complicated" relationship.
He's the end of the world, and he knows it.

Sword of Omens

This was Sean's birthday gift that year. The creation process for this is also detailed on the site. I know it looks tiny here but it is full size. It's just so long.
Thundercats, HO.

Heat Engine

Another thing you can find floating around on this site. I even made a PDF of it. How I made it, not of this actual thing. It's to put heat into the house, via aluminum pipe painted black and a solar powered fan. Science!
Yellow like the sun.

Borderlands Set

Another gift for Neil, a Borderlands item pack. The bars of... what was that stuff you collect in that game? Huh. A medical device and a shield generator. Plus the vault symbol. Printed on my Makerbot and painted by me. I even made the box, as you could probably tell from the quality construction.
My gifts are so lame.

Skyrim Necklaces

Another gift for Mizzy, a set of four necklaces from the game Skyrim. Printed on my Makerbot and painted by me. I even made the backdrop, which came out fine because who can screw up painting a flat thing black? Oh, I could do it, I'm not saying I couldn't... Actually, now that I think about it, I didn't paint it, it was bought that way. I just cut it. Ah, knew there was a reason the edges were all messy.
Fus Ro Da.

Misc xmas for 2012

I had just bought the Makerbox that year, and I was having fun with it. Here's Sean's gift, the scale model of the campus on Demongate Island. Neil's stuff unpainted and some cat stuff for mom.
Odds and Ends

Twilight Wet Mane Picture

After finishing the pony wall I decided to try painting a picture and selling it. Took almost exactly two years to sell. That's how good an artist I am.
Wet Mane for the win

Apple Clock

Oddly, I really thought this would sell. It was a pretty simple project, but it looks good. Guess you just can't tell, huh? (Maybe it's just not its time?) Made from the side panel to a G4 Mac. A movement, hands and numbers, a little drilling, and you're done. BUY IT.
Time to buy an apple

Pony Wall

Yes, I literally painted ponies on my living room wall. I threw the image up there with my projector, then traced it. Then applied paint. The cross-stitch is from Mizzy, the last gift I ever got from her, I believe.
I have problems

Ingo's Soul

This was Mizzy's gift that year, a "soul container" with "Ingo's Soul" inside. You would have to be one of our group to understand it, so never mind that. Okay, it's pretty simple but I think it works. I believe I later glued it shut, so it looked a little better.
This gift had soul

Perler Plant

This was a gift for Heather, actually. I painted the pot and everything.
Watch out, he bites

Perler Peach

Not sure when I made this, I guess I never directly took a picture of it until now. It's princess peach, made with beads.
Floating Along

Fallout guy

A gift for Mizzy, when I thought she might become a lawyer. It's made of clay, and it comes from the game Fallout 3. You could find these little statue things and they would increase a stat. This one was for charisma or something. Speaking maybe? I don't recall.

Papercraft Phoenix

If there's one thing Sean loves, apart from Mizzy, it's phoenixes. Here's a gift I made for him of one made of paper.
He's written books staring them, for goodness sake

Plush Xbox 360

Yeah, who knows what I was thinking at the time. This was a gift for Mizzy.
I must have been hard up for ideas.


I remember this was for Mizzy as well. I think I gave her two things that year, because the pillow thing wasn't enough.
I am so creative.

Incomplete Mugg

Ah, now here's a tragic tale. I forgot to take a picture of this little project when it was finished, so this is the most complete picture I had of this. It's a painted mugg, with some fabric and clay and everything for the details. Even made her a little moon wand. Sadly, this was smashed and lost in a cabinet accident some time later, and so no longer exists. *tear*
Maybe I'll make another of these, one day.

Sparkle Mars

Here's a Sailor Mars costume made with shiny material. Sold years ago. I still have some of this, I need to make another.
Especally as Sailor Moon is coming back.

Tenchi Jacket

Sometime in 2002
Here's Robert posing with his jacket. This was 12 years ago at the time of this writing folks.
Younge and not as wise.