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Book: Wolfking

Game: Working on Element Mining

Dell something (carried in briefcase)
Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro (main machine)
2009 MacBook Pro (used for tabletop gaming)
Custom Built 8-core AMD Gaming PC
iMac (Downstairs, used for maps)

While writing code, anything I struggle with (and ultimatily figure out, duh) will go here, so others can learn from my trails

Selection Rectangle:

Put in: 2/18/11

This came from the rewrite of the comic helper. Basically I wanted a CALayer to act as a selection rectangle, so using code from Sketch (the example OS X program) I finally got it right. My biggest issue was using bounds instead of frame.

Multiple CALayer Dragging via 1 selection:

Put in: 2/19/11

Here's how I finally got multiple CALayers to drag simultaniously when I dragged one with the mouse. In other words, after using the selection rectangle code above to capture which elements on the page I wanted to move, move them all and keep them in their relitive positions as the first one moves.