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Let's make a light box! It can help you take better pictures of stuff.

Here's how I did it.

Posted: 12/19/14

A light box is a box that helps you photorgaph small things, and provides a seamless backdrop so the picture focus is of the object, not of the rumpled whatever you have the thing you're photographing sitting on. First, go to a store that sells these pieces. Or perhaps multiple stores. It shouldn't cost too much.

For the record, these supplies are:

  1. Large plastic tub
  2. Some cardboard
  3. White paint
  4. Flexible LED rope
  5. Glue of some kind
  6. A roll of white paper.

I had the roll of white paper hanging around since forever. Don't even know where I got it. Maybe you too have some sitting around?
Now, glue some of your cardboard to the back of the tub, so the paper will fall smoothly upon it and look all nice and pretty.
Then, of course, one must glue the paper down.
I have brought it outside for the next step, painting the interior white.
The LEDs must now be attached to the top of the box. I was going to try gluing them, but in the end I just drilled some holes and used twist ties to attach them. Much easier, I think.
I suppose it looks somewhat, uh, unprofessional, but hey, everything you see on this site does, so it fits right in.

And you're done. See, that was easy. Now you too can take pictures like this: