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Book: Wolfking

Game: Working on Element Mining

Dell something (carried in briefcase)
Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro (main machine)
2009 MacBook Pro (used for tabletop gaming)
Custom Built 8-core AMD Gaming PC
iMac (Downstairs, used for maps)

I have done two web comics in my life, the first, the Sailor Moon Fan Webcomic, which ran from March of 2002 until March 2010. It started out as a sprite comic, which was of course the style at the time. It then morphed into being poorly drawn by hand, then went back to sprites. Finally it ended up being more like a written book, but with a very well drawn (if I say so myself) scout on each page. (I admit it, I cheated)

The other comic was born out of wanting to express certain ideas and not having any outlet for doing so. This was the Random Room, which has really been left behind now that the blog is around.

I offer the complete collection here, for your enjoyment.

Sailor Moon Comic Archive (150 MB)

Random Room Comic Archive (16 MB)