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The creation of a Solar Air Engine

Solar Air House Heaters

Posted: 3/1/11

In Feburary of 2011 I discovered the so called "pop can" heater or as I call it, the "solar air engine". The basic idea is putting a bunch of pop cans, painted black, into a box and piping the hot air that comes out into your house/workshop/barn whatever. So I set out to make my own. Most plans I found were incomplete, assuming knowledge or skills the authors had. I had neither knowledge or skills, so I kept a more detailed record. It's contained in a 1.6MB pdf file you can download through this link. I hope it helps you create your own! I used aluminum dryer venting rather then wait for, and cut holes into, hundreds of pop cans.

Air Heater

Posted: 9/16/12

After two years of operation the design flaws in the original became pronounced, and I was soon going to look into ways to fix them. Imagine my surprise when the universe provided exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. Thanks, universe! Thus the Mark II was created, the tale of which you can download through this link. This is a much better design, but you should still read the original document first, because I don't cover certian things in the second that I covered there.

Mark 2