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Book: Wolfking

Game: Working on Element Mining

Dell something (carried in briefcase)
Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro (main machine)
2009 MacBook Pro (used for tabletop gaming)
Custom Built 8-core AMD Gaming PC
iMac (Downstairs, used for maps)

Current Projects:

The Lysanias Chronicles: The sequel to the Lysanias trilogy of Out of the Flood, Becoming the Villain, and Conspiracy in the Clouds. Read about them in the books section! Naturally as these are set in the upcoming Embers of Pyre setting for Paragon it must be released before they are.
Just as with Susan, it follows Lysanias around as he hops between worlds.
Current progress: World 1, Legend of Korra. 17 chapters as of 11-16-17.

Element Mining: A match 3 game written in C# using the Unity game engine. The basic story is that you are a teleport system operator on a space station, teleporting various elements up from a planet’s surface as they are mined. But the beam works best when it grabs 3 or more samples at once so you have to group them before they’re teleported.
Progress: The "main" part of the game works, building the "store" part now.

Arcade Cabinet: Many years ago I got an arcade cabinet from a friend. It had a TV shoved inside so I used it for NES/Turbo Graphics 16 games. Then it sat and gathered dust. (For twenty years) I'm finally rebuilding it so it can be more useful and have actual arcade controls and everything.

  • Speakers and LED light installed in the top.
  • LCD panel installed- hundreds of dead pixels. Wonderful. Ordered replacement
  • Arcade joysticks with built in games ordered- Has 1000+ games, missing 90% I actually wanted to play. Sigh.
  • To-do- paint and affix labels to the sides.
Last update 11-16-17

Paragon Character Generator: Version 1 is abandoned for the more flexible and fully featured version 2. It can still be downloaded from the tremorworks section. Useful as a tutorial for LiveCode I guess.

Version 2:I'm testing this now. It looks a lot different, not being modeled on a direct 1:1 character sheet, so it can include a lot more, like a spell list, people and places section, and more. I haven't made any changes to it in some time, so the current "beta" can be downloaded from the tremorworks section.

No Easy Answers: Demongate High book 6, detailing the adventures of Hisoka, the Seer. Second daughter of Dean and Yasui, she has her share of troubles, as she works for the Foundation. One night she gets a call from her sister that her talents are needed, and her story and Ericka's join together. As of 10/20/14 currently at 42,174 words.

Progress: Stalled. The other books haven't sold so I have no incentive to finish this one, or the following ones I had planned that detail the lives of the rest of his kids.

Susan's Chronicles: A Paragon novel. This is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Magic of Paragon. I'm posting at least two chapters a week, here so be sure and bookmark it!

Progress: Technically finished at 274 chapters. But as it's so long, it'll be at least late 2018 before the whole thing is up. I'll be posting "volumes" 1, 2, and 3 (each 100 chapters) when I reach that milestone on fanfiction.net. You can download Volume 1 from the books section.