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Book: Proofreading Susan's Chronicles.

Game: Fallout 4
Cities: Skylines

Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh (carried in briefcase)
Early 2008 8-core Mac Pro (main machine)
2009 MacBook Pro (used for tabletop gaming)
Custom Built 8-core AMD Gaming PC
Mac Mini (Downstairs, used for maps)

Current Projects:

No Easy Answers: Demongate High book 6, detailing the adventures of Hisoka, the Seer. Second daughter of Dean and Yasui, she has her share of troubles, as she works for the Foundation. One night she gets a call from her sister that her talents are needed, and her story and Ericka's join together. As of 10/20/14 currently at 42,174 words.

Progress: Stalled. The other books haven't sold so I have no incentive to finish this one.

Susan's Chronicles: A Paragon novel. This is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Magic of Paragon. I'm posting at least a chapter a week, here so be sure and bookmark it!

Progress: Technically finished at 274 chapters. But as I wanted to take a break from writing and play video games, I'm still slowly posting it so it'll be at least late 2018 before the whole thing is posted. I'll be posting "volumes" 1, 2, and 3 (each 100 chapters) when I reach that milestone on fanfiction.net.

Out of the Flood: A Paragon novel, set in the "soon" to be released Pyre setting. Pyre is the continuation of Demongate High, set in a fantasy style world after the return of magic. I promised myself I wouldn't start it until 2018 at the earliest but it would not be denied. I don't know if I'm going to post it piecemeal like the Chronicles or not. Current Progress: Proofreading

Becoming the Villain: A Paragon novel, set in the "soon" to be released Pyre setting. This is the sequal to Out of the Flood. Current Progress: 44,000 words.

Paragon Character Generator: The online character generator of Paragon characters has been canceled. In its place is an actual PC/Mac program that looks a lot better. Currently (perpetually?) in beta. It can be downloaded from the tremorworks section.

Version 2:I'm testing this now. It looks a lot different, not being modeled on a direct 1:1 character sheet, but is far more fully featured. I've been tweaking it so it should really be released soon. Though really it's a separate thing, both have their place so version 1 won't really go away.

Paragon Battle Runner: I had a fairly simple version of this I was using myself to keep track of the battles for the books I was writing. Then I decided to create a more fully featured version.

Version 2:I'm testing this now.

Bankbook: Version 3 is done. Rewritten in LiveCode so it'll work on Macs and PCs. I just have to write up the documentation and post it.